27 September 2010

Just one small thing

It is difficult for me to make larger projects while I am away from my home. It can also be difficult to take interesting pictures without my usual decoration accessories. But anyway, here I want to show you a small blanket, I have been crocheing the last few days. The green gets a little to blue on my computer, maybe it looks different on yours.


  1. A little green or a little blue, its beautiful
    Susanne. Great work...


  2. A me me encanta como se ve, es preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  3. Your miniatures are very special!

  4. I see "green petroleum" ... and it is beautiful!
    congratulations, it is not easy to make a crocheted blanket, I know something .. ha ha!
    look here:

    many kisses! Caterina

  5. Just beautiful. I love to crochet and admire crochet.

  6. Everything's lovely! Especially the crochet :)

  7. I find crocheting very hard. I watched my mum and concluded quite quickly that I won't be able to do it. Although crochet is something you can do anywhere and a good way to kill time.

    You are amazing. The blanket is really pretty, Suzanne. The green looks like turquoise on my screen , a very pretty shade too.

  8. Your blanket is so sweet! I love colours!

  9. Hola¡¡ mi nombre es Cibeles.
    Estaba ojeando los blogs y me hé tropezado con el tuyo.
    Es precioso y me encantan tus minis.
    Bueno ya tienes una amiga mas.Si te quieres pasar por mi blog¡¡¡¡
    Te invito.
    Besos y encantadaa de conocerte

  10. Great work! I admire your little blanket. I can't crochet, I tried but nothing came out of it. Probably because Itried following the explanations in a book. I can knit, but my grandmother and mother taught me. I suppose when someone shows you it makes all the difference.

  11. Thanks, and welcome to new followers ;-)
    I learned to crochet when I was about 6 or 7 years old, its like learning to ride a bike, you actually never forget how to. I can also tell my larning age from the fact, that that my grip is still like the little girls ("overhand") and not the more mature one ("underhand"). I can do both today, but by impulse I select the childish method ;-0)
    Love, Susanne

  12. How on earth did I miss this post??? I love the blanket... How much does a square messure? I have to try myself, and like you I can switch upperhand and underhand crocheting, Guess I was about the same age, when my grandmother taught me.

    The green also looks turquise on my screen...and a nice shade og turquise :0)

  13. Annie, a square is about 1,5 x 1,5 cm, so it isn´t that small after all, but made with very fine thread anyway, its embrodery yarn, 1 thread (out of 6). My camera obviously makes the green colors more blue..it isn´t just the computer.

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  15. Dear Susanne, your work is amazing in itself: certainly not for the background :-)
    The cushion is fantastic, if you content with the opinion of a girl who can barely stick buttons...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  16. Dear Susanne, you have some wonderful things here in yout blog. I love them all!!

  17. ¡Increibles manos! Esta manta está muy bien trabajada. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara