24 September 2010

sea shells

Living by the sea for the moment, it is quite obvious to look for miniature sea shells. It started out big, but I remembered that I actually found some VERY tiny shells here in Denmark many years ago. I wondered where they had gone...
My husband asked me, if I actually could see what I was looking for ;-) A very indiscrete but also a very precise question...and it was calling for an experiment..
So I arranged a contest with my son (age 19) to find the smallest sea shell of the day, and things were happening very fast, he found several in a few minutes beating mine. ((and he could win the contest every day now, if he wants to ;-0))
I show you a couple of the small shells, and I added the natural average sizes to compare. The shells are photographed on a 1:12 table too...you have to click the pictures to enlarge and compare..


  1. Gosh! Those are tiny! I think I would have to buy a flour-sifter to use in the sand so I could compete with a 19 year old set of eyeballs. LOL

  2. Enhorabuena, son unas conchas preciosas y muy chiquitinas.
    Quedan fabulosas.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    besitos ascension

  3. To look for shells in miniature is my obsession! Two summers ago, I was pregnant, with a huge belly, and despite everything, I found a small quantity of shells to be frightening: I depredat the Mediterranean!
    If I could trust your son, would be a difficult task for him, to win ;-)
    Also this summer, I've gotten, maybe the next day I published the photos, to let you see ...
    As usual, your set is fantastic, very inspiring :-)
    Mini mini lovely hugs, Flora

  4. La mesa queda muy bonita con esas caracolas diminutas !!


  5. These are beautiful!
    I remember the day I was at the beach and actually looked carefully at the sand, and realised that there were absolutely tiny perfect shells - it's amazing that they are so perfect in miniature. Just made for us!! :)

  6. they are microscopic! ha ha!
    a few years ago I found shells so small, too!
    I was an a location far away from my house, do not know if we ever come back .. : (
    the beach was white sand and was totally made up of tiny shells ..
    I remember that I have collected a lot, and then I kept in my beach bag ...
    Then when I got home after the holidays, I forgot and I washed the bag .. AAAARGHHHH! I lost my beautiful tiny shells ... in the washing machine .. ha ha!
    what a pity!
    yours are very beautiful, congratulations to your son to have found them!
    kisses, Caterina

  7. I have collected some too...my kid and I have fun too searching for the msot tiny....

  8. Me too :). All in the artists' workroom now of my tribal house :). By the way, the big ones make very good palettes, thanks to Flora's tip :).

    Thanks to Eva, I got my peddlar doll selling these sea shells too :).

    Love them :)

  9. The seashellsare so delicate, I collected them too.I am planning to make a display for them someday!

  10. lovely ! Nice to see them appreciated, cos i am in love with them as well. Collect them anytime I can, although some times are better then others. It depends on the time of year, wind directions and tide.

    well done Son :)

  11. Me gustan mucho esas mini conchas !

  12. Las fotos estan muy bien hechas. La grande y la mini juntas ha sido muy buena idea. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  13. I also spent hours and hours at beaches for lovely (and tiny) seashells.
    Yours are really nice.
    Looking forward - in 3 weeks I can start searching during my vaccation.

  14. When I am an a beach I too look for mini shells. I have some for my future project.

  15. Thank you for all your sweet comments!
    I am making plans for some small miniature frames to display the shells too. I like it to be old dark wooden frames, light frames from driftwood would be an issue too, just have to find some ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  16. I love your miniatures and I'm coming over so you can teach me some of your secrets! I love looking at all your pictures. All this talent out there! I love all your rusty stuff.
    I had no idea you could find seashells so small. I'll be looking for those next time I go to the beach.

  17. OMG! those shells are unbelieveable!! I'm gonna have to put the kids to work next time we vist the beach....Never realized they could be so small! They look great on that tray, too!! :)

  18. Welcome to new followers!
    I have visited your blogs too. Caroline, you did a fantastic job making the shabby cottage in 1:12
    Love, Susanne