18 August 2010

It started with some mussels and a lot of rain..

The rain is pooring down in DK, surprising how much rain there can be. It´s like the climate is changing. When I got home from work, I found some green shell mussels in the mail, that I´ve ordered. I started me dreaming of places to eat them. Some place warm and sunny..I just love mussels and to dip your bread into the soup that has been added a little bit of cream...

Maybe Provence.. In front of my house there..

Or in the courtyard..

Maybe rather by the pool?

I bought the pillow with my initials from Carmen.


  1. En cualquier sitio esos mejillones se podrían comer. Imaginar es barato:)
    Besos Clara

  2. I would like to visit you in the provenc.
    Even in Germany it rains and rains and ....
    Do you believe that I never eat mussels !?
    The pillow is very nice.
    So long Nina

  3. Or maybe in a small garden at my house, with my children playing around and my husbond ask me if I want another glass of wine. I can only think back at the days we had summer in Denmark. It now seems so long ago eventhourgh it is only 3 weeks from now.

  4. Definitely prefer the mussels in Provence!
    Taste of summer :-)
    I've also seen the beautiful Carmen cushions, and there I was doing a little thought ...
    Your is beautiful!
    Mini rainy hugs, Flora

  5. Raining in UK too! Feels like autumn is arriving early.
    Can I join you for mussels in Provence please?

  6. ..I just put a lot of mussels on the stove, together with garlic, parsley, spring onions, carrots and herbs. In a few minutes I will add the cream and warm up the bread. The white wine is ice cold now. Lets sit down in the shadow together, getting away from the heat for a while, and have a feast! Nina, I made a special salad for you instead, is that allright? Cheers!
    Love, Susanne

  7. I love the idea of using the silver thimble as a wine cooler....it looks fabulous!

  8. provence or the pool? mmmm can't decide....
    the soup sounds delicious!!!!

  9. Set the table for another please for I am on my way :):)!

  10. I´d love to join you in Provence, and if I can have salad as Nina and maybe a little dip with my bread in your soup, I´ll be happy...Guess you´ll have guest enough for a party now. I´ll bring a bottle or two of white wine...

  11. Cualquier escenario es genial para esa preciosa mesa!!!!
    Los mejillones geniales!!!
    besitos ascension

  12. I love mussels too. I think I will eat them in Provence, your photo is superb, mind you it would be great too by the swimming pool. You make us dream, thank you.