24 August 2010

+300 followers giveaway

Yesterday I reached 300 followers. I started this blog in december 2009 (my first post), and it has been going very fast since. In the beginning there was only a few comments to my posts, and now there are many from all over the world. Miniature blogland continues to surprise me, I can´t express the value it is to me. So inspiring, so friendly, so awarding.
I want to say thanks to all my followers with this giveaway. All you have to do is to be a follower, and to leave a comment to this post, telling me that you wish to win a miniature present with one of these themes:

1) Princess shabby
2) Green garden, ...or
3) French antique

The content will be a surprise. I will make the draw at september 7th.
If you post a link on your blog, I will be thankfull, but it´s not a must.
Good luck!


  1. Enhorabuena por los (ahora 307) seguidores.
    Tienes unos preciosos trabajos.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo y poder conseguir asi algun trabajo tuyo.
    Yo eligo:
    French antique
    Subo el sorteo a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  2. How wonderful Congratulations on reaching 300!
    Please include me. I have loved so many things you have made. French antique sounds lovely!

  3. I love your blog. I would like to enter the give-away. Either green garden or French antique would be nice. Can't make up my mind. So surprise me if (when, lol) I win. Teresa

  4. Susanne,congrats for the friends,your blog is amazing and full of wonderfull ideas.I would love to participate in your giveaway and I love the princess shabby,miniregards.

  5. Congratulations Susanne with your 307 followers.
    What did you have nice items for a giveaway. I will try to place a link on my blog. If I may express a preference, I would opt for French antiques, because that will always fit in my French house.


  6. Hi Susanne,
    Congratulations with reaching 307 followers. But your blog is worth it!
    Please count my in for the give away (prinsess shabby sound like something I would love)and
    I posted the give away on my blog for you.
    greetings, Marieke

  7. Hi Susanne, congratulations on your 307 followers! You have been going faster than I have :-)
    I would love to enter your giveaway, would you please count me in?
    And I would love to win anything you make, but I think I like French antiques the most ;-)
    Love, Lara

  8. congrats on so many followers!
    green garden sounds like my style.

  9. Hi Susanne!

    Congratulations on your followers!
    I´d love to take part of your Giveaway. Everyone of your themes sounds good but the french antigue sounds the best!

    Love, Lotte

  10. Congratulations! And, thank you for hosting a giveaway! :] I love all your minis but am especially drawn to the green garden.

  11. Congratulations on all your followers! What an awesome giveaway, but how to choose? They all sound wonderful and everything you make is so beautiful. Such a dilemma! =) I like the idea of French Antique, but I think I will go with Princess Shabby......sounds like you will make that one fun!

    Warm regards,
    Iris =)

  12. Many many congratulations! Your blog is a beautiful and inspiring place to visit.
    I would love to win a present with the antique french theme as I have an antiques store. :)

  13. Dear Suzanne congratulations on 307 followers!
    I will be delighted to win your giveaway, as I am sure it will be something gorgeous!...
    My personnal favorite would be Princess Shabby... Thanks again for your generosity!

  14. Defenitely Princess Shabby! Congrads, you are so talented!

  15. Gracias por el sorteo a mi me gustan todos tus trabajos, asi que si tengo la suerte de ganar recibire con gusto cualquiera de ellos. Enhorabuena por los 307 seguidores. Besos. Yolanda.

  16. Congratulations on your 300 followers - no surprise though, it's a very enjoyable blog. I'd love to be included in your give-away and French Antique sounds so intriguing - that's the one for me! I'll be posting your link on my blogs.

  17. Hi Susanne - gosh lots of followers, and so quickly too! I love your blog. It's an ispiration to me with all the little pieces that scream so much detail.

    I plan on doing a shabby chic project soon, so would you count me in with the shabby princess option please, thank you :D

  18. Hej Susanne!
    Til lykke med de mange følgere
    Jeg vil gerne være med på din give-away
    nr 2 green garden
    Knus Britt

  19. I hope your group of followers continues to expand. Your beautiful blog truly illuminates the artistic treasures that miniatures can be!
    I currently have a doll house with a mish-mash of styles: everything from Victorian to 1960s Petit Princess furniture. My dream, though, is to create an antique French house. I've collected a few things toward that and if I won your giveaway would love to receive your antique French goodies!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. I would love to be entered in your giveaway!! Your minis are wonderful and I always love reading your blog!! It is very hard to decide which theme I would like more!! I think I will have to say French antique.


  21. Thank you Susanne and congrats on your 307 followers! Count on me :o)) I think that French Antque has a charming sound.I'll keep my fingers crossed, Rosanna

  22. Congratulations to more than 300 followers! You have a lovely and charming blog, Susanna.

    I linked your give away foto on my blog.

    My favorite to win is "Green garden". Now I hope to be the winner...

    Hugs and greetings

  23. Susanne, thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway - your blog is great to follow! Although my house is French antique, I need some greenery for landscape/garden, so I'll choose Green Garden. Keep up the wonderful posts and I'm sure you will continue to grow with new followers!

  24. Congrats on 307 Followers dear Susanne! And many more to come!!! :D

  25. Hi Susanne, congratulations!!!♥♥♥
    Please, count me in to your giveaway.
    I think the princess shappy is for me!!

  26. Susanne, thank you and congratulation on your followers ! I'm totally ok with Cynthia : it's a real pleasure to follow your blog ! I love your creations ! I put the link and photo on my blog. Very hard to choose a theme because all your minis are great, so I'm going to say green garden. Thanks :D

  27. Congratulation on your 300 followers.
    Every time it is a pleasure beeing on your blog and looking around and I am deeply in love with your conservatory, you know.
    And last not least you often make me happy with your kindly comments on my blog ( or others), thank you very much.
    Please count me in and I prefer the green garden giveaway.

  28. Enhorabuena por tantisimos seguidores!!!
    Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo, aunque no puedo anunciarlo porque todavía no tengo blog. Y escogería el "french antique" aunque me gustan todas las opciones! jeje.

    Saludos desde Asturias.

  29. Congratulations on 300+ followers. I'm glad to be one of them! I would love to enter your giveaway and princess shabby would work for me. I don't have a mini blog yet...still trying to think of a name. However I do have a shabby chic blog...come visit sometime!

  30. ¡Enhorabuena por este blog en el que has conseguido reunir tantos amantes de las miniaturas! Claro que quiero que me incluyas en el sorteo todo lo que haces me gusta pero mis preferencias son Green garden or French antique.
    Besos Clara.

  31. Congratulation! I just followed you yesterday and enjoyed your blogs so much, thanks :)
    I like all of your creations, but if I must choose, I will choose Princess shabby theme (just because it's "Princess" name, I have a thing with princesses and fairies, lol)

  32. Susanne, of course your giveaway will be linked in my blog. In fact does not matter to choose, your work is always talented and beautiful :)

  33. Great job! I am so happy to have found your blog and will enjoy following your latest accomplishments! I would love to enter your giveaway and French Antique would be lovely, but all are great ideas - I would love to be surprised! Best! Jeanne

  34. Susanne, your work is inspiring, I love every single miniature you show us on your blog.
    French antique sounds fantastic to me :)
    And congratulations on your 300 followers!!!!
    Mini hugs, Lucia

  35. Como me alegro de que tengas tantos seguidores! y los que aún vendrán! Me encantará participar en tu sorteo, aunque es dificil escoger un tema, ya que todos tus trabajos son magnificos, pero creo que me decantaré por el Princess Shabby. Un beso.

  36. Visito tu blog todos los dias que actualizas. Y por lo del sorteo me he dado cuenta que no me habia hecho tu seguidora. Asique ahora tienes una mas.
    Quiero participar en el sorteo.
    Eligo: Princess shabby

  37. Susanne, I am a recent new follower, but have been looking in for a while longer! You make amazing things! Please count me in. I would be honored if I win, to have something French Antique! Congratulations on your 300!

  38. congratulations on having so many followers, i think this is a testament to your great blogs... i am hoping that i will do as well, in this new venture!! i think french antique would be my choice, you do that so well!!! :-)

  39. Congratulations!!! Please count me in. I'm new to the miniature world, and I'm loving it. I like Princess Shabby!!

  40. Congratulations Susanne, I'm not surprised that your followers list is growing and growing, it's always such a delight to see what you've been doing :)

    I'd love to enter your giveaway, and although I'm sure you'll expect me to chose French antique I'm going to opt for Green Garden. Now back to my assignments...

  41. Congratulations on 300+ followers! I am now a follower also and have a link to your blog on mine. (: I'd love to win something Green Garden. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  42. Congrats on so many followers. One can't go wrong with your French antique. :-) So, yes I would like to be in the draw. Thank you so much for your lovely work and kind words.

  43. French Antique for me! Or a surprise, congrats on the followers...

  44. Congrats Susanne! you have 310 at this moment. I would love to win a French Antique. What fun.

    Victoria :)

  45. :) Green garden for me , dear Susanne and a BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS!

  46. Congratulations!
    You make wonderful miniatures, it`s fun to follow your blog. French antigue would be for me if I win...:)

  47. Dear Susanne, follow you is a pleasure and a joy :-)
    Given my tastes "old-fashioned", I can choose French, even if they play well all three styles...
    I embrace with great affection, Flora

  48. I would love to participate. I'll have to go with Princess Shabby!

  49. Congratulation. We started our blog almost the same time and I have benn following you and Annie from the beginning. You are a very talented miniturist and I am not surprised that so many follows your blog. You have so many great ideas and they all look like beutiful pieces when you are finished working with them.

  50. Congratulations...I would love to be included in your celebratory giveaway....all of them sound wonderful...but I'll have to opt for Princess shabby at the moment. Thanks so much for this chance to have something you have made!!

  51. Felicidades por tus mas de 300 seguidores!!!
    A por los 1000!!!

  52. Thank you Susanne and congratulations on your 311 followers!!! I'll wish to win a miniature present with theme Princess shabby. Hugs, Pilar

  53. Congratulations, already 312 followers!
    I'd love to be included in the draw of your give-away. Wow..even with a choice on the style. This is difficult but i would choose French antique.
    Great creations you make, i'm sitting enjoying all the things i see on your blog.


  54. Congratulations from Italy!
    Susanne every your miniature is fantastic and chic....please let me enter for Green Garden!
    I put the news on my blog!

  55. Hi Susanne,
    Not surprised you've reached so many followers! Your blog is great. I just love it. Please include me. I think I like the Green Garden. . .

  56. You have a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing your miniatures with all of us!

  57. Congratulations. You have a lovely blog, and I would love to be included in your giveaway.

  58. Congratulations!! Your followerlist is growing fast and well deserved!

    I was already a follower, but I seem to disapear from blogs and have to re-enter again. Don't know how that happens??

    My birthday is on 7 september, so winning this would be a great birthday gift!
    I go for Green Garden.

    groetjes Evelien

  59. Muchisimas felicidades por tan fantastico blog y gracias por darme la oportunidad de participar en el sorteo. Me gusta el French Antique.
    Un beso

  60. Congratulations Susanne with your 318 followers.
    I would love to be included in your celebratory giveaway....
    I put the news on my blog and I go for Green Garden.
    groetjes Ingrid

  61. Hi Susanne,

    Congratulations on your 317 followers!!

    It's so nice to all miniatures from around the world together look. And nice write comments.
    I would choose green garden and French antique.

    Hugs Lisette

  62. Congrats on your followers and lovely miniature works. I go for French antique.

  63. Hi Susanne! I found your blog via Lotte's and really enjoy it here. :) I'm going for Green Garden, though French Antique sounds great, too...

  64. Congratulations on your followers ! anything made by you be well !

  65. Congratulations on your 300+ followers! They all must have excellent taste!! I would love to participate in your giveaway. FRENCH ANTIQUE sounds wonderful!!!!!

  66. COngratulations on all your followers. I love your blog, so I'm not surprised all these readers love it as well. You deserve it. I would love to be included in your draw. Garden green would be wonderful for my garden shed!

  67. Hi Susanne, Your giveaway sounds intriguing and I would love any of the prizes if my name were drawn. Congratulations on so many followers in such a short time, you have made some lovely things, your blog is so enjoyable!

  68. Hmmm... each of those themes sounds great. I think I would have to go with french antique. I'm sure anything you pick would be great you have such pretty style! Its no wonder you have so many followers!

  69. Congratulations so many followers! I would like to French antique. I hope that I have good luck.

  70. Susanne, I'm not surprised you have so many followers! Your blog is always interesting to read and beautiful to look at ... I'd love to enter your giveaway, and would most like French antique, I think (although they all sound marvellous ...)

  71. Congratulations on 300 followers!
    Wonderful minis.
    I am now a follower also.
    I would like to French antique.

  72. Congratulations Suzanne, your blog is lovely!
    I like the idea of a green garden!
    love from Lisbon

  73. Congratualations on your 33 followers, it's already 326 today!
    I would like to join in on your give-away.
    If i win i would like to have ...Green Garden, but i love everything you made, you have such a great style.

  74. Congrats...your blog is always a pleasure to visit!

    I hope Im not to late for the giveaway? But I like to enjoy and everything you make will be ok, by me!


  75. Congratulations on your 300 followers!
    If ever I am a winner I would like something green garden.
    Like you I am more and more amazed by the blog world, it brings so much.

  76. Las gracias te las tenemos que dar a ti por darnos la oportunidad de ver tus maravillosos trabajos. Es un placer ser seguidora y más aun poder participar en el sorteo. Si tuviera la suerte de ganar me gustaría algo green garden.

    Un beso.

  77. I'm in, of corse! You have so many beautiful things in your blog!! My choice would be french antique... But does it matter that I am from finland? Hopefully not! ;)

  78. Congratulations on the followers Susanne!
    'French Antique' sounds perfect to me!

  79. Dear Susanne, thanks for following my blog and letting me know your blog adress - I don't why I haven't seen it... Of course I know your blog AND I'm following! With such a WONDERFUL BATHTUB as a header - and all the other beautiful minis - I couldn't resist!
    And if I'd be happy to win your giveaway, I'd have difficulties to decide. Green Garden and French Antique sounds sooooo promising!
    Mini hugs Andrea

  80. preciosidades, es todo lo que haces,una autentica maravilla y con un gusto exquisito,me encantaria ganar para poder tener unas minis de las tuyas,me llevo tu enlace a mi blog.

  81. Felicidades por tu blog y tus trabajos , y como no por esos 317 seguidores que seguro que seran muchos mas...
    Cualquier de los tres regalos sera precioso, gracias


  82. ¡Hola Susanne!!!
    Me maravilla quien se gane uno de tus regalos tan hermosos! ( = ¡me encantaría tener suerte!!
    Cualquiera de los temas me gusta, pero pensando en que si fuera de las afortunadas , creo que Green garden, ...or quedaría mas en la casita ( =
    Ya son 331 seguidores !!! O =
    Ahora lo pongo en mí blog ( ;
    Un beso

  83. Muchas felicidades por tu blog, tus trabajos y tus 331 seguidores!! son muchos!!!!
    Me encantaria poder participar en tu sorteo, cualquiera de los tres estilos me gusta mucho pero si tengo que elegir uno me quedo con French antique.
    Me llevo la imagen a mi blog!

  84. Congratulations on your followers reaching 307, and please count me in on your contest. I'm not picky. Thank you so much.

    Lori in Houston

  85. Hello Susanne, I'd be happy to participate in your give away! the milestone of 300 followers is very ambitious! congratulations!
    if I were to win, I'd like something for the green garden ... thanks!
    mini hugs, Caterina

  86. Felicidades por esos 300 seguidores y por tu maravilloso blog. Elijo el Francés antiguo, Un beso.

  87. Congratulations to the 300 followers you now have. I check out all the mini food blogs and websites I see. Love the blog! Keep up the wonderful work in creating miniatures.

  88. ¡¡¡Felicidades!!! ^_^

    Tienes un blog precioso lleno de pequeños tesoros maravillosos :)

    Me encantaría poder participar en el sorteo ^^ y elijo el French antique *___*


  89. Justplease enter me in your give-away.
    hugs karin

  90. sorry forgot. Garden green sounds great ...but then so does french antique...

  91. Your work is fabulous! I love surprises princess shabby be my pick.
    I am folowing

  92. love your site! so much inspirations!

    and Congratulations on reaching 300 followers!

    Mandy xx

  93. Forgot to say I like shabby princess - doh! lol

  94. Hi Susanne,

    Congratulations with so many followers!
    I woul'd love to join on your give away...i think i would go for the frence antique;-)
    Thanks for this great opportunity!


  95. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    Congratulations with so many followers!
    saluti dall'italia public slidebar on http://blogcandymania.blogspot.com/
    Hugs, rosa
    blog creative: http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

  96. Hello Susanne! I like your giveaway. I would wish to win a miniature present with this theme: shabby princess. I post your link on my blog.
    Thanks by Rosella

  97. Oh, green garden sounds lovely. Am I on time for your giveaway?

  98. i love to participate on your give away
    they al sound great but i think green garden is the best greets linda

  99. Congratulations on your 300 followers! I'm a new follower, too.

    Please count me in for your giveaway, I would love a green garden item.


  100. Dear Susanne

    Love your website AND your wonderful items.
    Thanks for all you`ve done for me, your kind help.

    Please count me in this give-away.
    Hard to chose, but ended up saying: French antique

    I wish you all the best.