22 August 2010

Lion inspiration

Last night I made this little flowerpot very inspired by this old tin tobacco box. I love old tin boxes (and lions, and many other things, as you may know ;-) - look at the patina on the box, very inspiring. So I found some feet, a lions head and tried to reproduce the "mood" by painting in several layers.
So no I have to figure out what kind of flowers to make for the pot, maybe hortensia/hydrangea. A small olive tree would be great, but I don´t know how to make that..


  1. Dear Susanne, the box is really beautiful ...
    Who knows why we love the old stuff ...
    To come to the flower pot: is very particular, to do with the hydrangeas, in my opinion :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  2. Hi Susanne, lovely pot! if you want a kit of olive tree you can ask Pascale Garnier. She is great! you can find her email on the SIMP site. Have a nice evening Rosanna

  3. Lovely pot, and I like the chairs too!

  4. ¡Estupenda maceta.! Cualquier planta quedará bien. Ya verá por cual te decides.
    Besos Clara.

  5. My love for tin cans know no bounds too :). You have painted the pot very well :). Any plant will go with it , I think and I love Rosanna's suggestion of an olive tree.

  6. Te ha quedado preciosa. No se que planta pondría pero seguramente me inclinaria por un olivo.
    Besitos, May

  7. Hi Susanne,
    The little pot is adorable!! It really looks antique too, the way you painted it. I'm sure whatever you decide to put in it will be wonderful.
    I wanted to let you know that I'll be bragging about you today, I'm featuring your darling miniature pillows on my Brag Monday post!

  8. Te ha quedado fantastica, cualquier planta quedara bien.
    besitos ascension

  9. Lavori fantastici! Sono una tua nuova sostenitrice e a mio modesto parere potresti utilizzare questa tua ultima creazione per una pianta grassa.
    Ciao, ciao da Rosella

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