8 December 2009

Got the boxes down from the attic...

My miniaturedreams came back to life one day when a friend of mine mentioned, that a huge dollshouse was given to her by her mother, who shares our old hobby Miniatures. I asked myself why I had repressed my creativity in this field for so long and only had let the intellectual side of my personality grow. I decided two things: To make a new miniature project and to find my old stuff in the attic. Hours later I had to realize that I was hooked again. I bought a Orangerie and began dreaming and making things again. I made a workingspace for myself in our homeoffice and found out that one project was not enough. I have to work with many things in one time and grab the inspiration I get...
So this is a bench for the orangerie but with a lot of small things that has a common theme, but maybe are going to be placed in another room somewhere..


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  2. I´m so pleased to see, you´ve decided making a blog :0) And the pictures are lovely and very promising already. I´m looking forward to see the orangerie progress...


  3. It seems as if we have almost 'twin' histories with regard to minis Susanne, I too let my passion for miniatures, and almost all things creative, slide away and the 'intellectual' life take over. I'm very very glad to have met you and look forward to watching your projects.

  4. Very nice to meet you too, Norma, and I´ve been following your blog too. I think it´s important that we make space for all sides of our personality, it´s so easy just to be the working lady ;-)