16 May 2010

Day off in Greece

I went to Symi today and back again! Did I hear you say that you don´t believe me, and that you think, I spend the day in the danish rain just dreaming? Well take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!
Look at this view!

I recieved some wonderful gifts in the mail from Anthoula today, greek cheecepies, stuffed tomato and pepper with french fries, souvlakis and a strawberry cheececake for desert. I immediately felt like I was back on that little greek island sitting at the balcony overlooking the habour.

Thank you so much, Anthoula, it was SO nice of you!! And thanks for the cute donut earrings too!! (I will send a gift for Anthoula too, I found a little very danish thing for her at the Farum fair..)


  1. Clearly, Susanne, you WERE in Greece -- photos never lie, do they? :) Well, except in our mini world, of course!

    How marvellous of Anthoula to send you Greece in a package, and how clever of you to arrange such a charming vignette and view for us!

  2. Lucky girl, you've got very nice gifts. The decor is super!

    groetjes Ingrid

  3. Thanks to your beautiful pictures like you I too was away. It was so enjoyable.
    The composition for your photos is great.

  4. I am so glad that you liked them!
    And I must congratulate you for the setting of the photo! It is an honor for Greece to have such wonderful people advertising its beauties! ;-))

    Mini hugs

  5. Gosh, Simi is such a beautiful little island - I know I was there too! And so are Anthoula's creations! Lucky girl you are Suzanne!

  6. Too nice this porch, so summer vacation. Anthoula lunch is very inviting. I love stuffed peppers!
    Buon appetito :-)

  7. Your little scene is very charming and your friendship with Anthoula too.


  8. One day in Greece and you come home with beautiful gifts from Anthoula. very nice.


  9. What a lovely day in Greece. I spent the weekend hoping that I had the same trip. Instead I wooke up with rain and wind. :-)

  10. Thank you everybody for your nice comments and for being there. It´s such a good feeling to live in this miniworld!
    Love, Susanne

  11. Lovely things you made again,you have so very nice idea's, your garden with the real smal trees very good.

  12. Enhorabuena por los regalitos de Anthoula, es una gran artista, me encantan sus trabajos.
    besitos ascension

  13. What fun Annie, did you fly on your witches broom? ;) I see that you took your camera long so that we could all enjoy the food and the setting. Great food by Anthoula, great setting and photography by you!