18 April 2010

Once upon a sunny day..

I made greek salad for Annies mother, who has been so kind to make some corsets for us. I put the salad on a new plate, I bought, it is shaped like a wineleaf. As I was doing this, I was grabbed by a greek spirit, so I made a little arrangement.
There is icecold retzina from the barrel and extra oregano in the small container. The bread is made by the only baker on this very small island, and the vegetables come from the Tavena owners sisters garden. A quite heavy breeze is blowing in the middle of the day, so the paper-tablecloth is secured by table-pegs. Sit down and enjoy lunchtime, if you can eat more you might order some calimaris with lemon too..
Click the photo to enlarge.


  1. Hi Susanne Again i am blown away by your minis great job yet again lol..

  2. Your little story and the inviting meal made me hungry for going on holiday, some greek food, nice warm water.....
    I am smiling now... thank you Susanne!!!
    Synnøve :)

  3. He has been incredible, very real. Congratulations.
    A Carmen hug

  4. Need to go on Greek holiday! Right now would be the best:)

  5. What does that all looks delicious! With the weather that we have today, it can right by on the outside table here.

    Greetings, Roelie

  6. Pues si, me quedo a comer!!!!!
    La ensalada se ve deliciosa y el pan debe de estar muy tierno!!!!
    besitos ascension

  7. Perfect! I particularly love the red onions :) And can I just say, Susanne, that every time I visit your blog, I have to stop a moment and just enjoy the beauty of the photo you have as your header. The colours, patina and flowers all together make it one of the most beautiful photos of a mini I've ever seen.

  8. I agree with what Nina writes: both in terms of red onions and your photos!

  9. Thank you all og you for your compliments!
    Nina: I like the bathtub too. You will find the story about it in one of the first posts, I made.
    Nina and Flora: I am fascinated by the red onions too, but I didn´t make them myself. All the vegetables are made of canes, I bought on Ebay. I just mixed it all together in the salad, and made some feta cheese and some olives too.
    Love Susanne

  10. It lookes so nice and tasteful, I really like greeksalad!
    Thank´s for the tips about the winebottles, now I also had order some!


  11. Ohh...Makes me hungry for a plate of greek salad... My mum is going to be so happy when she recieves both greek salad and tiffany lamp... Thanks Sus :0)

  12. I love it all, the picture and the story. The tablecloth and the salad is just perfect. I can imagine being in a taverna looking at the sea. Thank you for making me dream.

  13. I too love that salad.It is in the mixing :). Your olives and feta cheese looks great!

  14. I love every single detail of it! This makes me long for the holidays I spent in greece, it's the perfect atmosphere! I can almost smell the delicious food and feel the breeze! Thank you very much for sharing this picture, it totally made my day! :D

  15. Oh, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun and smell the food. I would love to be in Greece again...

  16. So very pretty and the arrangement and the photograph are so well done! And I love the story also!


  17. A lovely setting...
    Since you are not coming to Greece this year, maybe I should send you some "greek aroma"...soon...
    Pls send me your mailing address in an email..
    Mini hugs

  18. Anthoula, you are so sweet!
    Love, Susanne

  19. Thank you to all of you for your nice comments!

  20. So gorgeous, love the colours :)