14 February 2010

Welcome to new followers

A warm welcome to new followers: Cheryl from aminiatureplace.blogspot.com ; Design& on Silvana Vianna ; Lisette from Lisette´s miniaturen ; Nina from MiniMumm ; Miniannalee from miniannalee.blogspot.com ; Vintage Witch & Amp; Little Scotia on littlescotia.blogspot.com ; Cilla/Minst.com- Cilla doesn´t have a blog but a website www.minst.com ; CasitaMini from casitaminicm.blogspot.com ; tompoucedream from lerevetompouce.blogspot.com ; Chris and AMICA, who don´t have blogs as far as I can tell. Hope you all will like it here.
The picture is from the danish site www.mini1til12.dk where you can find a lot of free prints.

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