15 February 2010


As I told you the other day my work is taking nearly all my time and the major part of my energy these days, I only get to make some small tableaus, studying pictures and books and rearranging old stuff to keep up the minispirit and finding relaxation. To day I´ll show you such an arrangement made from new and old things.
I got the table for my bithday last week from my brother and sister in law and their children along with a lot of other minis. I think it´s so perfect. The glasses is from Reuter and my son Sebastian gave it to me. The bowl is made of beads, I think I have shown it to you before, but it suits the table and the decanter so well. The cactus and the jug is bought on Ebay, and the lamp is made in a hurry from beads and a chain, inspired by the colors. The floor and wall paper I bought in a hand craft fair this weekend. Still don´t know how to use it, but I like it very much.
Click to enlarge the photo.


  1. A beautiful tableau. You have very pretty things! I have the same problem with work! It is so bad that we are left with no energy or enthusiasm after a hard day! Life is so short.
    But I am sure your minis give you lots of pleasure.

  2. I love all the colours - seems too much of patterns and still they go together so nice! Great table! I like its white marble top very much!All the best for your last week birthday!:)

  3. Beautiful table--what a wonderful gift! And I love the coordinating items you've shown with it! Happy Late Birthday! And thank you for dropping by and complementing my little sofa! I think I have figured out how to improve on my first attempt and have several in various stages of completion that I will hopefully be able to list in my Etsy shop soon! I really want to master upholstering!


  4. If only we could get a magic wand to be able to get more hours in a day and more energy. We all have the same problem...
    Lovely scene, I love the colours.

  5. Great table with such wonderful stuff!! The decanter is SO nice.... you did not tell us who made it?

  6. Thanks for the comments, so nice and warming to get them!
    I must say, that I like my job very much too, and that I have a habit of getting engulfed in most things I do (except cleaning in suppose
    Synnøve, I bought the decanter at miniseum.dk -they have a lot of special things, but I don´t know who made this.

  7. It's a lovely arrangement - the decanter and glasses are especially nice.