16 February 2010


This was a gift from Annie from Obsidian Hall, that I recieved last weekend when we had a mini-and-long-time-no-see-saturday-till-sunday-time together (drinking red wine and being very wise ;-). Annie and I have known eachother since we were about 10 years old, and shared mini-inspiration for about as long too. So we had a lot to talk about. I love the pictures and the frames, Annie made!
I think the ones with naked ladies belongs to the bathroom (in the house that I don´t have yet), where it will add a sensual touch, and the bird will be very nice in the Orangerie..Thanks Annie!


  1. How lucky - a few wines, company of an old friend, AND lovely gifts!! A weekend can't get much better than that. The pictures are fabulous and will be so perfect for the locations you have in mind.

    By the way, did you find that your wisdom increased with your wine consumption? ;)

  2. Dear Norma, you caught me there, I´m afraid I got terribly wise ;-) (The next day I wasn´t so sure anymore ;-0))

  3. I know for sure know that wisdom increases along with the teeth turning blue ;0)
    A thing we have to explore a little more for certain! Thanks Susanne...

    The frames are made as jewelry pendants, but a naked lady or two around the house will suit any miniature household..

  4. Sounds like a great evening!
    I like the pictures too :-)

  5. OH you make such nice things I love it!

  6. Nice little pictures. Yes, the ladies will have to go in the loo! Nice to have a good friend who shares your mini passion. Most of my friends look at me as if I may be slightly off kilter.