15 December 2009

Birds bath

I´ve finished patinating the birds bath for the Orangerie. I like the brownish-green-gray colors..but I need some solid water and some small leaves to add a more autentic look..


  1. So pretty... I like that its a frog instead of a bird and the patina is very succesful. For water look for Crystal Clear Glaze. I don´t know if it´s available in Denmark...

  2. I agree, the colours have turned out very well. If you can't find the glaze that Annie recommends you could try using PVA to make water, but you have to build it up slowly adding more as each layer dries. There are some interesting videos on YouTube about making water, the usual audience for them is people making little ponds and so on for miniature train scenery.

  3. ..Thanks for the advices both of you! I´ve met the products Solid Water and Scenic Water as well in my trips through the danish miniature internet shops..don´t know which is the best..