18 December 2009

How Annie got her scull..

I thought Annie needed a scull in the room with the curiosity table. And I had one, that originally was a part of a key hanger, in my boxes. It made me make some candlesticks and candles too. So I gave it to her in a picture in the christmas calender some days ago. And of cause Annie had to guess which parts of the picture that was todays present so she could get it for real. Annie wanted the black chair too, but unfortunately I can´t give her that ;-)


  1. Eiii...I see it now that I can enlarge the picture. I thought they were part of the picture and not placed ON... :0) Thanks alot!! The chair will be my inspiration to a chair I can make...

  2. ..Annie, I´m sorry to dissapoint you ;-(
    Its all about perception...how we translate or transform our impressions of a situation to a whole that gives meaning to us.
    I like to speculate about the loose line between the picture and the pesonal image of the observer, and as long as I don´t have perfect miniature rooms in all aspects, I like to work with matching surroundings for my objects with the photograph as a media...