14 December 2009


I´m proud to meet my first followers (and I´ve followed a few... as they said in Life of Brian ;-)
Lize, Synnøve and Annie from Obsedian Hall. A great welcome to you all!

I´ll show you my next Tableau, now in silver and black. Annie made the beautifull candlestick and glas for me made of black and silver beads; the silverclock is an old one and given to me as a present from my brother. The mask is certainly a thing from the 80´s, but I don´t remember when or where. I also made the books years ago, I like the smooth leather texture, and I´ve decorated it with golden letraset-letters, I don´t know if yot can still bye it in these digital days...

The little framed picture is in fact a small bead with a religious motive, but it could also be percieved otherwise. The ink-box is new (beads also) and so is the feathers, which I´ve cut out from larger feathers and painted black. ...Once we had a budgerigar, and I was cheering when it lost one of its small wing feathers. Maybe I should visit a petshop some day ;-)...

The box is made of an old and rusty nut, and the lid of two tops of buttons for trousers. The heart is one of the things you can find on exclusive underwear and cut off ...if you have the heart ;-)

I think my Tableau needs some old handwritten letters, and maybe a pair of handglooves..and an open box with exciting things to discover underneath the bench, perhaps old and darkened, brown photos. The bench of cause in itself needs to be styled too...


  1. Hello Susanne, and thank you :)
    It is so exiting finding a new blog. and you have a good taste for special miniatures. I am so happy I found you!!!

  2. Good thing that you kept some of your old minis! The books and the mask are great. One can also never have enough glasses, and little boxes etc! I am interested to see what you do with the bench...

  3. Thanks for your nice comments! Have a very nice Christmas ;-) I´ll look forward to watch your blogs in 2010..