17 November 2011

Louise is wondering (House rebuild 2)

Today some of the materials for the house arrived. Everything live up to the expectations. But..

Louise has been wondering a lot since she ordered the new materials and the craftsmen. The fact is that she can´t find one single house in the neighbourhood with shutters, nor with the patina on the facade that she likes the most. Actually all the houses look very white and clean, at least from an outside perspective.

What would the neighbours think when they discover, that the newdone white facade will not stay clean, will have shutters (also with patina) and that more stucco will be added?

A look a one special house calmes Louise down. This house has a personal expression and a magic of it´s own, without shutters though. She could live there. Maybe it´s possible to have ones own style anyway?

Louise climbs the stairs to the third floor. From the window where the balcony is going to be, you can see the sea. She takes a big breath. This is a beautiful place and in the weekend they will paint the house...
To be continued...


  1. I tried to comment on the previous post yesterday without sucess, let's hope for more luck this time!

    I'm very pleased to meet Louise and John and share in their renovation journey.

    I think that certainly they should go ahead with their onw style on their house, it might motivate some of their neighbours to decorate their houses in a more individual style too.

  2. This looks to be a very nice renovation. Those door headers are very nice.

  3. I actually get the message that I am not allowed to see this page, but I found other ways, so..
    Thank you, Norma and Cheryl!
    Norma: Yes big blogger problems,I feel it too ;-)I certainly think that Louise is ready to go on with her projects now, she just had to reconsider for a while ;-0)
    Cheryl: So nice to have you back! Long time no see...hope that you are feeling well..
    Love, Susanne