29 September 2011

Soft lights and time passing

I wish, I had more time for miniatures. I have so much in my imagination and so little time ;-)
I still enjoy the lamp theme and the ambience of the light..
There are more pictures - also of the lamp in daylight - on Petit Brocante...


  1. Impresionantes las dos lámparas... mucha imaginación y belleza.

  2. Glorious! It will add a lovely ambiance to the right scene.

  3. que belleza!!!...muy delicadas y elegantes.

  4. Love the yellow warm ambiance... and the oriental style is gorgious Susanne.

    And congrats on the 600 followers :0)

    Hugs Annie

  5. Es una lámpara preciosa, muy bonita.
    Un beso

  6. Dear Susanne, the new chandelier is adorable :-)
    In my city there is a wonderful emporium of fabrics and furniture imported from Thailand that exposes lanterns like this ... One of the dreams is to have one in my living room :-)
    I understand very well how frustrating it is to have many ideas and little time to realize them, I console myself thinking that I know a lot of people have time to waste and no idea in mind ;-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  7. Susanne, your lamp is very beautiful!♥

  8. I too wish for more time. the more I wish, the less I have. haha

    These lamps will cast a pretty shadows on the walls of any dollhouses.

  9. Love your new lamps! :) So beautiful.

  10. Susanne, very beautiful. I really like your style.

  11. Thank you!
    Flora and Sans: I will bear your thoughts in mind, not wishing ever to be be in either state ;-)
    Your spokens have layers of truth, though I have a very craving job. You could easily be caught up by a dead-end situation, when you actually faces spare time and are being very tired..I ´m trying not to ;-))