6 October 2011

Miniatures in Rome?

This sunday I am flying to Rome for a little vacation. I´ve been to this beautiful city before but that was in my miniature break, so I don´t have a clue about miniature shops or the like. Maybe you can give me some hints, please?


  1. Hello Susanne!
    what a beautiful experience to go to Rome, is superb in this period! do good trip!
    about the doll house shops, I found these addresses only, for now:

    "Le Case di Flora", Via San Salvatore in Campo, 51 06/68806330

    "Girotondo", Via Tacito, 17 – Roma 06/3613356

    "Bertè", Piazza Navona, 108 – Roma 06/6875011

    if I find another, I write.
    Or, you can try writing to Maria Rita, I think she lives in Rome:

    kisses, Caterina

  2. Hi Susanne!
    Roma is my city and I think it is one of the most beautiful city in the world.
    The address that Caterina has written you are ok.
    Le case di Flora sell Dollshouse emporium minis but is better that you phone before because have particular open time.
    Berte is open morning and afternoon and sell Reutter porcellain and Bodo Henning.
    Girotondo I don't know.
    I hope you spend beautiful holiday in my city.
    I'm sad because I must work all the week end and I can't meet you.
    Have great WE

  3. Sorry Susanne I haven't read your post before you left for Rome. Just for your next visit I would like to inform you that the "Le Case di Flora" has closed two years ago. The only shop where you can find miniatures is "Bertè" in Piazza Navona. Always in Piazza Navona there is an other shop with special toys and perhaps you can find something of interesting for your inspiration but not miniatures. These information will be useful for your next trip ;o)

  4. Thanks Maria! I visted Bertè, and also the other shop in Piazza Navona. I didn´t find anything tempting though, but the trip was very inspiring in itself!
    Love, Susanne