16 January 2011

Silver stuff again

I had some problems with my neck, so not much is being done here, but I took some pictures of the things, I was working with before that, continuing the silver line. So here is a vanity tray on a stand and a small (tea)pot. They will be listed on Petit Brocante. Actually I made a lot more perfume bottles, preparing for the Farum fair, and both with silver and golden accents, I´ll take photos of those later.
...hope you like it...


  1. Dear Susanne, another beautiful creation :-)
    What a thrill to prepare for a fair ...
    I seem to remember that will participate along with Annie: I bet you're working around the clock ;-)
    Good job and mini hugs :-)

  2. I really like your silver stuff, the teapot is lovely.
    Good luck for the fair !!

  3. Dear Susanne, everything you make is perfection! Your creations are so interesting and varied.

  4. Sorry to hear about your neck Susanne, hope you are feeling better soon. It is always so nice to see the treasures you create.

  5. You've got a real talent for mini's Susanne. I love all your work. Hope your neck gets better soon.

  6. Nice work! http://miniatyrbloggen.blogg.se/

  7. Thank you so much, your sweet comments make my day! The fair is only in late april (and yes together with Annie), but I think I will have to begin to prepar allready now. I also have a few swaps to carry out. My work and getting back into our house takes all of my time, and I think my neck tells me to relax and to do some exercise also ;-)

  8. Yes, I like them! :) they are lovely!
    Hope your neck gets better soon too... :(

    Warm hugs, Jollie

  9. Hope your neck gets better soon. Love the silver and those vases priviously, those are really neat.