11 January 2011

A little bit of flowers

While waiting for spring (I have to wait for a very long time in this climate), I made some vases and put some cherry branches in it. January and february are months for planning which flowers you will grow in the garden this year, it´s time to buy seeds and dream...

The vases (without flowers) and the picture of a very small gardener will be listed on Petit Brocante tonight..


  1. Cherry blossoms are very oriental flowers for Spring :). I am glad you picked them because when I see them, I know Chinese New Year is just round the corner :).

  2. Beautiful vases Suzanne. I long for spring and flowers.

    Victoria ♥

  3. A nice touch and reminder of spring to come. Very beautiful vases and flowers.

  4. I am waiting for spring, too, Susanne. And we have to wait a long time, too, in Bavaria. Sometimes there is snow in april and sometimes there are frosty temperatures even in may.

    Thank you for showing your beautiful vases with the branches and for giving me hope for spring.

    Hugs and greetings

  5. How lovely! May Spring come beautifully!! I hear it has been a very cold winter over there....we are in the heat of summer here still.