9 December 2010

What, no minis to day???

Oh yes, Annie, but these are wannabe miniatures, or could be used in your 1:1 decorations. It will look great under one of your bell jars. I´ll put a pheasant wing and a selection of small feathers in the Annie-Box...


  1. Wow these feathers are truly gorgeous!

  2. What fantastic pictures!!! And a pheasant wing would be highly appreciatet, thanks a lot Susanne... Where on earth did you get all those wings from?

  3. ..My work is very different from time to time. Some days ago I went to a "house warming party", we had a new outdoor classroom, which is a building made of cedar tree with no roof in the middle and a big open fireplace, where the students cooked pheasents. It was very fun in the middle of all the snow and the surroundings were decorated with ice lanterns, snow balls and all the plumages of the birds. I of course couldn´t keep my hands from the feathers, and now a few of the wings are "drying" in my place..
    Love, Susanne