8 July 2010


Here I am, spending a great time in Tuscany. No time for minis, though I always have an open eye, and I will be back ;-) I sent packets for Heather, Lisette and Annie, before I left. Hope they will or already has arrived safely.
Nice holidays and summer for all of you!


  1. You have a fabulous holiday there, don't I wish I could go also :)

  2. Oooh, Tuscany, must go there you look very happy and relaxed!

  3. Tuscany!!! Lucky you!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy :)

  4. Hey Susannne :):)!! You look nicely relaxed! :)

  5. Hoppas att du får en härlig semester!

    Kram Lena!

  6. How great to see your face Susanne. I have only seen your profile;) Your are beautiful and looks like you have a good time. Enjoy your vacation. Tuscany sure is a great place on earth:)

  7. Susanne I wish you have a very nice holyday in Tuscany. Y profit to tell you that I hope to return to work next month and so accomplish my give away to you, now I´m profit also some days at the seaside and my foot is very "glad" with my decision to interrupt physiotherapy, walking on the seashore is being a good medicine,
    Ana Maria

  8. Susanne ¡Disfruta mucho tus vacaciones!!!

  9. What a beautiful smile, have you all, Ladies of the blog ...
    Tuscany is a bombardment of inspiration: even if you do not have time for minies, will return home with a baggage of beauty and ideas :-)
    Kisses, Flora

  10. Have a nice holiday! Enjoy and relax!

  11. páselo bien por los que aun no podemos irnos.
    un abrazo

    have fun for those who still can not go.
    a hug

  12. Hi Susannne!

    i hope you enjoy your holiday! and yo looks beautiful! :)


  13. Hoi Suzanne,

    You are in Toscana en Iin Bardolino. Here's pretty hot in Italy. About 2 weeks I'm back home and look at the post. My mother takes care of my house.
    And you look nice tan and I too, hihi.
    Happy Holidays, Lisette Hugs

  14. Hi Susanne you have won my giveaway.Please write me your address. Have fun, Rosanna

  15. I am so jealous! I know it is a wonderful trip!


  16. Hi Susanne, I have taken a closer look at your bathtub and I think the legs of our tubs are different. But we might have to put them next to each other for a closer look ;-)
    Hope you are having a nice vacation. We will be in Denmark for one week. Before that we go two weeks to Sweden. I am looking forward to that! Love, Lara

  17. Thank you, all of you, we had a good time and are going back home tomorrow.Hope you are all having nice holidays too!!
    Ana: Its good to hear that you are feeling better, take care, and plese don´t hurry with the painting.
    Lara: In fact it IS the same bathtub (Annie has it too), it looks very nice in the non-used way too ;-) I hope you will have a nice holiday in Sweeden and Denmark!
    Love, Susanne