21 June 2010

Going Bombay

Today I received this fantastic gift from Sans, (take a look at her blog, its marvellous) making me going totally Bombay. Just look at it! All those ribbons! Love those colours, the gold, the sequins and the pearls! There were some great fabrics too, one with beige and golden tones will go for a sofa I think. A whole world of magic!
Some day I will make a room with this beautifull stuff.
Maybe you allready know that my collection started a little bit before, Sans won my Giveaway, and that it set me off to look more into that world. I was, and still am, deeply fascinated.
But I seems that I have difficulties differentiating the style from the more oriental look of Turkey, Pakistan and so on..I have to think about that...and study it a little bit more..or is there any chance to make a mix?
Thank you Sans/Susan, I am SO greatful, and I really got touched knowing that you have been thinking of me and are doing this for me, miniworld is so big and great!


  1. A marvellous collection of colours and textures. I am sure you will think of something gorgeous to do with them.

  2. Wow, love the trim. The bottom one with the fringed edge would make a lovely miniature bullion fringe. I would be great for the skirt of a sofa! Fabulous!

  3. Dear Susanne, did you see the other thing I made for you? Arghhh, I hope you didn't throw away the envelope! :) It's bubble wrapped.

    I am glad you like the ribbons :):). I love these very much.

    Today, Pakistan is more Islamic influence whilst India is Hindu. But during the British colonial days, Pakistan and India is the same country until 1947. And the styles/ architecture are similar. Turkey's more Persian. :) That's some kind of differentiation in a nutshell. The Persians finally sacked the Mughals in India in the 18th century and so brought with them, their influence to India so yes, there is a fair bit of mix in the Indian culture. These ribbons though can be used for many things, cross culture. :)

  4. Wonderful - inspirational braids!!
    And Sans uses them so well in her settings!

  5. Beautiful!The only person who knows the difference among these cultures here is Sans for sure!:D I always admire her knowledge about this part of the world:)

  6. very, very beautiful ...:-))

    groetjes Ingrid

  7. Susan, you have much work to do. Beautiful, this fabrics.


  8. Sans gives you the opportunity to fly with your imagination to her world... I am sure you will make good use :-)
    Kisses, flora

  9. Que maravilla, son preciosas!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. ..I am thinking of dresses with fringes right now...hmmm...
    And Sans, I actually found the other gift in the envelope when I checked it again today..A beautiful green plant growing on a piece of rock. A brillant thing for a garden theme. I´ll show you all later. Thanks again so much, Sans!
    Love, Susanne

  11. Flotte bånd, skal bli spennende¨å se hva du lager !