27 June 2010

Easy living?

Summertime has finally arrived here, and we are enjoying ourselves outside. Unfortunaltely we have discovered that our house is severly sinking and that it has gotten a lot of damages that needs to be repaired. Don´t know when yet, but we had to pack a lot of stuff down including my mini houses, and we are staying as much as we can in our summerhouse. I bring a little stuff along and try to make some minis here and there. This time I´ve been focusing on dresses, making them outside in the sun among the roses. I only had some materials from a kit, that I didn´t like very much, so I went freestyling with the things,I had in hand, some laces, a napkin and some trimmings.


  1. Hope that the damage of your house will not be so bad :(
    The mini dresses look fab... beautiful :)
    Have a nice week

  2. Kjolene dine er veldig pene!
    Kjedelig med huset ditt,jeg har også pakket vekk alle mine mini ting,det er vannlekasje i min kjeller .
    Ønsker deg en strålende sommer !
    Vi kommer til Danmark i morgen og det gleder jeg meg veldig til .Skal til birthe på miniseum og så skal jeg prøve å finne butikken du skrev om som selger skinn .
    vi skal bo i Kolding .

    Mini klem Janne

  3. Los vestiditos son una preciosidad, me encantan los colores que has elegido.
    Feliz Semana!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Hey,
    sweet summer dresses !!!
    I am on the same trip, but I still have no results, they would come later.

    A good time for you

  5. Great freestyling Susanne. Love those dresses:)

  6. I am sorry about the house! Hope you can repair it soon!
    The dresses are so lovely!Love the colours and style!:)

  7. The dresses look fab :) And hopefully there isn't anything major with the house, they can be a big pain!

  8. I hope the problems with your house won't be too serious.
    Your dresses are gorgeous. and I love your roses.

  9. Great dresses. The roses seem to be providing lovely inspiration!

    Sorry about your home. Hope all goes well.

  10. My house is on a hill. Always problems for us.
    Your miniature dresses are beautiful. So chic, I want my daughters to wear dresses like them!

  11. I love the dresses:)they are beautiful :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  12. Good grief! A sinking house! That sounds expensive :(

    Love the dresses!

  13. The clothes are very nice: I would say that you are inspired by roses! I have fear of failure at home, are always costly and uncomfortable ... Luckily you can fix!
    Better not complain too much :-)
    Mini Kisses, flora

  14. espero que los problemas de su casa tengan pronta reparación, los vestidos le quedaron perfectos.
    un abrazo

    I hope that the problems of his(its) house have prompt repair, he(she) still had the garments perfect.
    An embrace

  15. Thank you all of you for your comments about the dresses and your concern about the house. Yes, I think it´s going to be very expensive and that the insurance won´t cover refering to "construction failure". And it will take time too to get it repaired. But it´s only material things..we will survive..
    Love, Susanne

  16. Først lad mig sige at de kjoler er utrolig flotte. Jeg er vild med stilen og farverne. Af et freestyle projekt må jeg sige at du får topkarakter.:-) Næst må jeg sige, at jeg er ked af at høre om huset. Det er surt at skulle pakke sammen og flytte ud.
    Heldigvis har vi sommer og I har åbenbart et sommerhus I kan bo i. Held og lykke med huset

  17. Sorry to hear about the problems with your house - definitely sounds expensive but good to see that you can forget it briefly by involving yourself with your minis - the dresses are lovely.