31 May 2010

Moving in to the bathroom too

This is what I have been collecting for the bathroom so far. The style is still french with a twist, cause I don´t want it to be too white and sweet. I have moved some walls to get this room, and I haven´t decided yet how to make the big surfaces floor, walls and ceiling. I know where to put the bathtub, the toilet and the sink, and I have been dressing the golden details a little bit down.
I also know that I have to add: Big chandelier, soaps, bottles and a lot of other bathroom items. I would like a terazzo floor, but how ever do you make that??


  1. I don't know about that terazzo floor - I am pretty sure there is going to be someone who knows how to do it;) - but the collection of your bathroom minis are beautiful!

  2. Lots of lovely bits and pieces there, sorry I can't help with the terazzo floor though.

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    Look to my link about a terazzo floor. My workshop in Englisch.


    And nice bathroom minis


  4. Thanks to you all!
    Lisette: I am totally blown away! I have never thought of blending the tiles!! Thank you so much for the tutorial, it looks so great, I have to try it!
    Love, Susanne

  5. Todas las piezas son preciosas, especialmente la jarra con ese encanto de viejo, con el óxido. Te quedará genial en el aseo.
    Un saludo

  6. Det er en fin samling til badeværelset ditt .
    Gulvflisene lager du i fotokartong, det er tykkere enn vanlig papir .Kutt opp i ønsket str (jeg bruker en papirkutter fra firskas)
    Lim deretter flisene på et litt tykt papir deretter maler jeg det mellom brun (ha gjerne litt vann i malingen)La dette tørke ,deretter "brucher"jeg flisene med en litt stiv pensel. Bruker den brune som basisfarve og tilsetter litt hvitt ,andre nyanser i bunnfarven osv ....Deretter lakker el sprayer gulvet
    Til slutt kan du bruke sparkel som du tilsetter litt vann til å ha i fugene
    Hviss du går inn på linken til craftretreat og ser på flisene på peisen der .
    Hviss du har spørsmål må du gjerne sende meg en mail.
    Lykke til !


  7. Oh nice stuff you´ve collected... Looking forward to see the progress. Basic needs soon taken care of, then your little folks can move in :0)

  8. Wonderful collection :) And I wait to see the floor :)

  9. You have many nice things for the bathroom, I'm sure it's going to be very pretty! I like your plant very much!

  10. What a great collection to start the room off. Let me know when the plumbing is connected, I think I'd like to take a holiday here - I'm totally over the southern winter already (I know it's only been a couple of weeks but enough is enough!).

  11. Plenty of great things for the bathroom. I'm sure it's going to be as goog as the kitchen.

  12. Thanks again!
    Lisette, are the flakes made of paper?
    Janne, I can´t find the link?
    Love, Susanne

  13. con esa colección de mobiliario para el baño le va a quedar todo perfecto, me gusta mucho el espejo, y los tonos dorados le darán un aspecto señorial.
    un abrazo

    With this collection of furniture for the bath he is going to still have quite perfect, I like much the mirror, and the golden tones will give him a lordly aspect.
    An embrace

  14. Hi Susanne. I'm looking forward to see your bathroom. It looks very expensive! I think I've found the link you were told about: http://huiswinkel.punt.nl/index.php?r=1&id=369355&tbl_archief=1#r579424
    I looks fabulous.

  15. Hi Lene! Thanks but this is the link to Lisette, Janne mentioned another one. I don´t know if Lisettes flaws are made of paper.
    Love, Susanne

  16. Hi Susanne. I found the other one too: http://www.craftretreat.no/article.asp?w=67143116&x=23348&imgGallery=1&imgActive=bilde1
    - at least I think this is the one...

  17. I'm mad late with this comment: by now you've already finished the bathroom! I like everything. Since we have some equal pieces, I am very curious to see how you use them :-)

  18. Lene: Thanks for the link!
    Flora: Ha, ha...can I have a little more time, please?
    Love, Susanne

  19. Hi Susanne,

    I love your collection of small things for your new bathroom.

    And I love your blog - everything is wonderful, really charming.

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  20. What beautiful things for the bathroom! I love the geranium!


  21. ¡Que maravilla! los accesorios para el baño son preciosos, le va ha quedar de lujo

  22. Beutiful things to your bathroom! I love the bathtube, were did you bought that?
    Looking forward to see how your floor will look like.


  23. Thank you!
    Lena: The bathroom set is from Reutter Porzelan. I bought it from www.miniseum.dk
    Love, Susanne

  24. I like your ideas - your blog is one of my favourite one..
    The things for your bathroom are realy nice!!!
    I made tiles for my 'Wintergarten':
    I cut them out with Kemper Cutter - material:
    air-drying clay.

  25. What great bathroom fixtures! I have never seen them before. You've collected so many other little wonderful pieces for the bath too.
    You must have started making the terazzo floor by now. Lisette's tutorial is just wonderful. I can't wait for the next up date! :-)
    Catherine XXX