4 March 2010

Tiffany lamps

You may know, that I made some Tiffany lamps from prints on overhead paper (transparants) some time ago. And later I learned how to put lights on ;-)
Yesterday I followed a link to www.bindelsornaments.nl on Marits blog, and read their tutorials about lamps. (They have an english site too, and great kits too BTW). I was surprised to see, that you can use nail polish as a glass paint and that it can make a solid surface on filigran materials. I had to try it at once! My kinds of nail polish isn´t many during the winther time, so I only had a few to choose from, but from now on you will see me spot all the unusual colors when there is a sale, dark green, blue, yellow and purple ;-) And yes I am going to order more filigran materials, this is a lot of fun!
Unfortunately the photo doesn´t really show, how the light shines through the "glass", it´s a very good effect.
Click the photo to enlarge.


  1. That's a great idea, I have to try it, good that my daughter has tons of nailpolish in all imaginable colours :)


  2. It looks very beautiful Susanne! I love your brocante shop.

  3. Wonderful lamps, so good I like it.

  4. Great looking lamp, and I am surprised to hear about this technique!!!

  5. Your lamps are great - I really like the hanging one.

  6. It's a great technique. I think a lot of shops are going to wonder why women are suddenly rushing in to buy up lots of different coloured nailpolish :) I looked at Brindel's Ornaments site yesterday, they have a 'treasure trove' of little pieces. I really liked their candle making things as well as the filligree.

    BTW you can use the nail polish technique to make 'sunglasses' using the little metal frames you can buy.

  7. Thanks!
    ..Ohhh, its filligee in english,filigran was a danishm, don´t always notice when I do that :-)

    I Denmark we have a Tiger-store, Tiger also means tiger in danish , and it sounds almost as 10´er in danish when the g is soft and the i is like the e in even, it becomes "tiiier",
    - and of course everything costs 10 dkr there (less than 3 US dollars and about 1,3 english pounds)..you can get a lot of cheap cosmetics there among all the other things...and yes Norma, women will now stay in line there, I can imagine that, so many minifans in disguise ;-0))

  8. ..hey, and great tip about the sunglasses, Norma!

  9. Hi Susanne
    your work is amazing thanks for the award i finaly worked out how to get it lol...
    hugs Rachel

  10. Hi Rachel! Nice to see you here, and thank you for your compliments. Would love if you could pop by now and then to be in contact, its great to get responses!
    Love, Susanne.

  11. Lovely Lamps, they are great. Thank you for the tip.

  12. Susanne, thank you for the great tip and link. I was just thinking how to make Tiffany lamps. I loved the lamps you made.
    Have a nice day,

  13. This is a great tip for me as well as I have to make Indian lamps soon :). I must look back at your old posts and see how you fix lights. I have a pair of hurricane lamps with a bead as a bulb. I want to wire it and was thinking of smashing the bead into smithereens. :). Let me go check out your link now.

    That nail polish idea of yours is priceless.

  14. ..I thought of you too Sans, as the lamps looks a little Indian with the dark red color, I think. I ordered some stuff at Bindel´s last night, and I can´t wait to get it ;-) I haven´t described how to fi lights, but I saw some videos on YouTube, try to seek on chandeliers..

  15. The lamp looks great and the technique was
    a very good tip! and thank you for the link
    to Bindels ornaments - it is now saved among
    my favorites!

    Eva J

  16. incredible and fantastic work

  17. I think I deserve a discount at Bindels next time ;-) ! About painting the windows, on which you commented on my blog, I once saw it done with a pattern cut in painters-/masking tape. As the tape sticks onto the windows, the paint can't get beneath it (my problem when I used a stencil on the wall of my 1:1 house). I once punched a figure out of tape, put the tape on the wooden square on the doors of the conservatory and put adhesive clay on it and then pulled the tape away, in the hope that a clay figure would remain on the door. It worked in Lea Frisoni's book, but not on my conservatory. But paint should go better.

    I really love your conservatory (seen the photo's in your next post), it just looks so lovely, all those little details! Where did you get that beautiful Art Nouveau frame?


  18. ..dear Marit, Ill write to Marikje saying you gave the tip ;-) Thanks also for the tip about the windows, I will definately try it!
    I can´t remember where I got the frame, it was a danish or a sweedish site try www.coco.se or www.minihuset.dk
    Love, Susanne