8 March 2010


I can´t believe that I am reaching 100 followers!

I started this blog in december 2009, less than 3 months ago, and it has been so much fun. I have enjoyed to enter the miniworld again, and I am so fond of your sweet and supporting comments and watching your blogs too. There has only been a few days that I have been away from miniatureblogs and never a time, where I have been bored.

So to celebrate, I want to have a GIVEAWAY. But I´ve been wondering what can I possibly add to your beautiful miniscenes, it makes me humble. And your styles are so individual. So I decided to make a tableau for the winner with 3-5 small items by your overall guidelines but my choise. I will surprise the winner: Maybe a lamp? An earringholder/rack? A few gadgets/vase/glass/candlestick/flacons...or? But things that matches.

All you have to do is to be a follower, and to leave a comment to this post with a few guidelines regarding color and style. Last chance to answer is the 19. of march and I will make a random draw and publish it the following day on the 20. of march european time.

Good luck, and please let you friends know too!


  1. Susanne! How fun!! A giveaway, lately blogland is so generous.
    Congratulations for the 100th followers, it is absolutely well deserved. You blog is cosy, warm and with a pretty miniature style.
    I love old and rustic stuff. Tiffanys, objects with own personality, shabby shic, country style...In miniatures everything is possible so I love different styles.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I will post it in the sidebar of my blog.
    Un beso.

  2. You are almost there! 2 more to go! Please enter me! I love French and shabby chic.

  3. Congratulations for the followers,I really love your style in minis,the old,white colors,shabby,country and rustic styles.
    Thanks for your funny giveaway.Minikisses,Sonia.

  4. Mercedes/Liberty Bibety; Sonya Rotella and The Old Maid also joined in..I add them here, because a wrong link was made to a post way below this post on the blog. Sorry!

  5. Yeahy Susanne!! Congratulations:) No wonder you get so many followers so fast. Your minis are spectacular:) I love white, light green, pink and rusty:)and of course anything you would make..Lol count me in!

  6. Wow Suzanne, almost 100 - congratulations and only 1 more to go at the time I posted this. I can understand why - I love visiting your blog. I really like the way you display your little minis - very artistic. My style? Depends on which blog! 1880 Victorian, traditional and genteel for The Tearooms or early 17th century poor for The Tenement - take your pick.

  7. Congratulations Susanne, I am not surprised you are attracting followers, I LOVE to visit you blog, everything you do is so special.

    Yes! Please count me in on your giveway draw! I am beginning to work on a 1:12 project that includes an 'antique and collectibles' shop on the ground floor - my inspiration is the post dated 27 January 2010 on the blog of Country French Antiques at http://euroantiquemarket.blogspot.com/ featuring a visit to the French Anitquariess - I know you love this blog too.

    Thanks for the chance to participate!

  8. I love anything you make! Please count me in! I love anything aged.
    Thank you for the chance,

  9. oooh one more to go and oyu hit 100...congrats.

    I would be happy to win anything but something that could be used in a pub or an old church would be great.

  10. Hello Susanne, many congratulations on your 100 followers!
    I am your follower and I really enjoy reading your blog because you do some wonderful work ...
    I would like to join your give away, I'm curious to see what your imagination can come up with ... My dollhouse is a mountain lodge style will Tyrol, with rustic furniture in light wood and the predominant color will be red ... You have no idea of what you can pull out? LOL
    I copy your picture and put it in my blog, OK?

    kisses from Italy, Caterina

  11. One to go as I write this...Congratulations! I've been following for a while now; love your style!
    My tastes are eclectic; I'd love to be surprised ...if I should win. LOL

    Hugs Karin

  12. Oh, how exciting! But also makes me feel guilty as I need to have a giveaway also as I've reached over 200 followers! It's on my to do list!

    My 10-year-old's house (Joanna) will be sort of traditional/country with feminine touches. My log cabin will be more rustic/primitive! Congratulations on your blogging milestone!


  13. Congratulations!
    We all seem to like your pretty rooms and projects! Keep them coming and we'll soon be 200...

  14. Margaret-lucky_little_fringer9 March 2010 at 04:49

    Hi Susanne-I'm one of your followers-My decor is modern with victorian influences.

  15. No suprise you're reaching 100 followers as your job is so wonderful :)

    If I would win, almost anything goes, French, shabby chic (pastels), vintage, Russian, red&white for the Bakkery, withcy & weird for the black house...

    As I'm here, have you done the french candleholder yourself which is in the orangerie pic with the orangetree? It's fab!


  16. Susanne su blog es referencia para muchos de nosotros y su estilo muy especial, con muy buen gusto... tiene tanta imaginacion.

    Felicidades por esos 100 seguidores y a por otros 100. Besitos. Carmen

  17. Congratulations!!
    If I would win I like almost everything, French, white, blue, old rusty...

  18. Hi,
    Congratulations for your beautifull works and your 100 followers.
    I've just lived a post but I think there was some problems.
    I love french provencal style and my favourite colours are lavander and pastel green.

  19. I love that I am your follower no 101! ;-))
    Your giveaway is such a wonderful idea, and from your previous examples of work I am sure it will be amazing!
    I would love to win...something french!


  20. How nice of you to share the celebration and have a giveaway! Your blog is really beautiful and inspirational, thanks for sharing.

    My house in progress is a "modern" farmhouse. The old and new combined. And your style really matches.

    groetjes Evelien

  21. Hello
    Congratulations to all the followers! If
    I should win I would be happy for anything -
    I can not think of any miniature that I
    wouldn´t want!

    Eva J

  22. Congratulations ! Thank you for organizing a giveaway, it is very kind. The blogworld is defenitely full of wonderful people. My favourite colours are blue and green.

  23. Gongratulation with your 1oo followers!
    I love following your blog and i like your style.
    I please want to join too.
    I like the french shabby chic but also modern.
    Anything you make is wonderfull.

  24. Congrats on reaching 101 followers!!(of which I am one :) ) And thanks for the contest ;)

  25. You are already at 101 ! But nobody's surprise :). You have great style, are extremely creative and always clever. You are also kind with your comments :). I think you already know what I will like , anything Indian or British India :) or in fact anything that you have done will suit me fine :).

  26. Congratulation for so many followers! It´s always fine to see pictures about your projects!

  27. Congratuliation on the 100 followers!
    I want to join your giveway too...I like your blog and your style very much!

  28. Oooh, I love these eggs!

  29. Hello Susanne,
    Wonderful idea, I hope I am not too late to participate?
    Synnøve x

  30. I found your blog in Gonda's one, and so glad I did!!! You make beautiful things!!! I'm going to spend quite a lot of time lokking your older posts... hugs from Argentina!!!

  31. Congratulations with your 100+ followers! Please count me in for the give-away, I love the things you make! So I don't think I need to give you any guidelines on style, but you might like to know that I do not like the colours yellow and orange.


  32. That's very kind of you to organize this giveaway!!
    I love sabby and rustic styles, with its aged colours...
    Please count me on and thanks a lot for the chance to win :))

    p.s.. I will post your link on my blog

  33. Hello,

    Thank you for your lovely comments about Minx!

    You have such beautiful miniatures! Thank you for telling me about your giveaway. I am now a follower too!


    I don't know if you saw my mini studio but I like PINK and french shabby chic!

  34. Oh, it's been ages since I created miniature houses, what a lovely pastime! So happy to have found your blog ~ ♥Sharon

  35. Hello, Susanne!
    I really like all your things that you made. I think we have the similar taste and like same stuff. I just love the shabby chic style!


  36. WOW! Lots of entries for the giveaway! You have everyones stand up to attention that's for sure! LOL! Love your sense of style, all the beautiful minis. Please include me in the drawing. I love Shabby of course!

  37. Hola Susanne.
    Enhorabuena por los 100 seguidores de tu blog.
    Yo particularmente me hice seguidora tuya,porque me encontre con un blog acogedor y en el que podia ver muchas ideas para minis.
    Aunque no tengo mucha suerte para los sorteos, me hace mucha ilusion participar.
    besitos ascension

  38. Enhorabuena por los 100 seguidores, no conocia tu blog, lo he hecho a trabes de mi amiga Ascension y la verdad es que tienes unas cosas preciosas. Me apunto al sorteo a ver si hay suerte. Besos. Yolanda.

  39. Hi Susanne, please count me in! I love your blog, the brocante things you make.
    Guidelines for if I win, I love green and shabby ;-)
    Congratulations on your succesful blog.

  40. Hi Susanne, you have a lovely and original blog and I would like to participate also in your giveaway, I´m fond of Neoclassic Style, and some of the preferred colours are beige, rose and pale green.

  41. Hello Susana. Congratulations on your lovely blog and your wonderful miniatures.
    Although I am fairly new to this miniworld and very new to the blog topic. I was guided by the blogs of my friends and that's how I found you.
    Hopefully I can learn a lot about you and your followers.
    Besitos, May

  42. What a great giveaway! I would love to participate! :D
    I really like the style of your orangery! soft colors and a very brocante/used look.

  43. Hi, it's me again!
    I do not understand how we could give you gidelines about the eggas!
    I ike them as they are!
    I love the way that you accentuate them by adding almost no colout to the backgrouns and also you have a slight white shadoow around the eggs and that brengs them out real well.
    I hope you understand my english!
    You could also make small pictures off the birrds that would come out off the eggs(grown up. female , male) next to the eggs , I would like that;)
    Bye and good luck!
    I hope you pick me!

  44. Thanks for your comments!
    Pussman, the eggs are just an illustration, the gift is a few items chosen by me but with a few guidelines from the winner regarding colors and style, so that it would fit the winners miniaturehouse or style.

  45. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    saluti dall'italia public the post on http://blogcandymania.blogspot.com/
    Hugs, rosa
    i am new follower

    adoro tutto quello che realizzi ... quindi qualsiasi cosa realizzata da te sarà bellissima, spero solo di essere la fortuna io adoro comunque lo stile francese...

  46. Hola Susannne,
    Me encanta tu trabajo, Me gustaría participar en el sorteo. Tengo especial pasión por las lámparas estilo Tiffany y me ha dejado realmente impresionada la bañera... es preciosa y los pendietes, que son muy bonitos.
    De colores, me encantan el verde y el lila.
    Un saludo y muchas gracias por tu maravilloso "mini-sorteo"

  47. Hi Susanne, thank you for this give away and congrats for your 100 and plus followers. Rosanna

  48. PS I was so sure I was already following your blog.... I'm really getting older!

  49. I cannot believe that I had the chance of discovering your blog today... I'm your 124th follower!!!!!!!! so, I guess I'm still on for the give-away right? I've been watching pictures of your work and I must say that I really like it very much.

    C xxx

  50. hola! I just "discovered" your blog and I meet a lot!
    my favorite styles country, shabby ....
    I will keep watching your work, thank you!

  51. I just discovered this blog and I was blown away by the wonders you do and good taste in decoration. No wonder you have so many fans, and so I include myself, who delight to see your progress in this beautiful home ... Your purchases are very successful. I like the way you work. Congratulations, surely will continue to add more fans. A kiss! Stephanie.

  52. Hi Susanne well done with your blog your minis are gorgeous i drop by to read your blog everyday you are such a complete inspiration and yes im following along with you at last lol..took me long enough but im here thanks for popping by my blog and keeping in touch it wont be long before you reach the 300 mark
    hugs Rachel xx