3 March 2010

Floor, Walls and Ceiling in Brocante

I think I´ve finally decided the floor in Brocante after trying several. I´m going to add some finish to it too Now I´m wondering about the walls,I´m considering this wallpaper with lavenders, but my printer just broke down so I can´t test the colors. I´m going too add some rafters in the ceiling too and a finishing moulding between the walls and the ceiling...

BTW..look out for my blog in the near future, when I reach 100 followers, I will have a giveaway to celebrate..instructions will follow ;-)


  1. Beautiful, and it will be even more with the ceiling and walls finished. So funny with the big bird:) I love him..Yes I can somehow see that it is a he;)..Lol. Oh looking forward to the giveaway. Great idea, think I will adopt it:)

  2. It's very beautiful your floor! what a pity your printer is broken...I find the wallpaper very nice!!
    I look forward to the giveway;-))

  3. The wallpaper's lovely. I wish there was a real size Brocante I could visit to experience the "feel". I'm happy browsing yours till then! You've done it soooo well.

  4. Brocante es una palabra que hace que se nos ilumine la cara a muchos de nosotros¡¡¡ Mis vacaciones este año espero que sean una ruta por los mercados de brocante en el Valle del Loira (Francia) otros van a ver castillos, jajajaja.

    El papel en pantalla se ve preciosos con un color perfecto.

    Saludos, Carmen

  5. Looks really nice, I would also want to go visit the Brocante in 1:1 :) And the crane is qute, I love especially the night time pic of Brocante where he is peeking from the window :)

    Hope that your printer problems are fixed soon, I have trouble with mine also.


  6. Looks great Susanne! Work not keeping you as busy? You seem to have more time for minis now.

    I love the lavender/grey colour of some of your furniture in the shop. The little bit of purple grey colour in the wallpaper is really 'picked up' by the furniture! Your shop is growing nicely.

  7. I love your wall paper. Everything is super.

  8. I love your floring and i think the wallpaper looks good with it.
    I also love your lamps,did you made them yourself?

  9. It just gets better and better.....I love it :)

  10. Thank you so much everyone, you light up my life!
    I have to buy a new printer this weekend...
    Lize: Still working a lot, but had some weekends off, and the past days I have been down with the flu, so I sit in my bed with a tray making minis ;-) My son is in Spain with his highschool class, and my husband is away on a businesstrip, so not much is being done in the house these days.
    Carmen: Would love to go to France and visit real Brocante shops too. This year we are going to Italy for our summerhollidays..staying in Pisa, Montecatini Terme and Firenze..I think that will be inspiring too.
    Maria: Yes I made the Tiffany lamps myself from prints on overhead-paper. But now I have discovered another method, I will make a post about it tonight.
    Love. Susanne