6 January 2010

Follow up (Brocante)

..new pictures..click to enlarge..


  1. Everything looks fantastic! The bird adds a funny touch :)


  2. Hello Susanne, I've just started following your blog and it's lovely. I've so enjoyed reading about your new Orangerie and seeing your lovely photos. I like the way you have your little items displayed.

    I'm looking forward to your progress with this.

  3. The way you have this set up it looks like a mini antique store. So cute!

  4. This is one of the posts I missed when I was away. The arrangement is fabulous.

    Can you tell me what technique you used to get the paint on the shutters and the ladder to look so old and as if it's falling off. I'm doing a few pieces at the moment that I'd like a similar finish on but I don't know how to achieve it. Please help!!!

  5. Dear Norma
    I painted the shutters dark grey at first with a waterbased paint. Then I used crackling varnish (I think that would be the word, which you can buy in hobby/craft stores. It has to dry for several hours. Then you add the next layer of color, here it is creme..and the crackling begins. You can repeat the proces several times, if you want, but you have to let it dry up between layers. Take care it is strongly addictive, before you know it you´ll be crackling everything in your houses (of all scales), ladders, shudders, frames, furniture....
    I´m told that you can have the same effect by painting with an oilbased paint, and then a waterbased paint, because the to kinds can´t work together, but I havent tried it myself.
    Have fun!

  6. Thanks, and thanks for leaving the note on my blog that you'd posted this here. After leaving this comment I did play around a bit, and it was crackling medium that I reached for, it was with mixed results, I think perhaps I didn't leave it to dry long enough. One of the things that I did was to sand it not long after putting the top coat on, it was dry on the top but not right through. That was interesting because it rubbed up the paint and it began to look as if it was flaking off. I've had the crackling medium for ages but haven't really used it much I'm beginning to see it's value :) I'll heed your advice about addiction ;)

  7. ..well, crackling medium was the word, I often lack english words in this media ;-)
    I think the drying up is very important, and that you only make one stroke on each area of the surface when you add the last layer of paint, else you would wipe the effect out again..it looks like the surface is soaking up the paint, when its right..

  8. Thanks so much for your advice Susanne. I'll keep trying, in the meantime my shutter is looking 'interesting' although not really how I wanted it. Still, it's good fun :)