4 January 2010

The chairs for the Orangerie

I think they have a little bit of Monet style...

Finally I´ve decided the look of the 4 dining chairs for the orangerie. I wanted them to match in different ways, so I chose two colors, one that is "soft concrete grey", and another that is, what I would call "typically greek green turquise"...
The chairs have been painted with the base color, sanded a little bit, added a satin decoupage finish, and then a little bit of brown shiny shoe wax (!!). You my find the last part a bit odd, but in fact the shoe waxes you get in bottles added a swamp is just perfect for the purpose. The seats got a similar treatment...
Still haven´t managed to find the right floor tiles, they look good in pictures, but get a kind of blue-rosa-purple tone, that I don´t like when added to the surface of the floor.
Remember to enlarge the pictures..


  1. Beautiful,beautiful,I love your chairs and the look of you orangerie.Miniregards from Spain.

  2. The chairs look great! Did you make them? I like the patina you created with the wax. It looks like they have been used for a long time.

  3. Great!! your chairs look beautiful!

  4. Hi
    The chairs look very nice, and the idea with the shoe wax was new to me, and I will
    try it some time - thank you for the tip!

    Eva J

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today!
    I love what you are doing with your "orangrie!"
    So pretty! I can't wait to get started on mine.

  6. Thanks for all your nice comments!
    Sorry for my bad english, which have been out of practice for some years now..
    I see, that the right word is not shoe wax, as I mentioned it, but shoe polish or shine, and the right word for the the thing you use to add it is not swamp(that is a danishm ;-)(= a danish word that looks alike) but a sponge (with controlled dosage, as it says on the lable ;-) Its the kind of polish you use, when you want to get your shoe shine with very very little effort...
    To Lize: No I didn´t make the chairs myself. They are a part of a very cheep collection of furniture, I´ve bought years ago, but I still recognice it in a lot of pictures, also in a rocking-chair style, so I think you could still by it...