11 December 2009

Miniature Christmas Calender

Annie recieved this picture from me in FaceBook today. It´s a part of our common christmas calender, that we send a picture to each other every second day with a Miniature theme for inspiration, a how-to-do-it, a challenge or maybe as a promise that the other will recieve the thing in the picture in "real life". I´ve recieved beautifull things and a lot of inspiration from Annie.

To day I chose a fabric, that I´m sure Annie will find interesting and inspiring. It´s 11 cm wide and the spool of fabric is 42 cm long. It´s a lot of fabric in Miniature world ;-)

Maybe you know this kind of fabric that in real life is designed to use as a ribbon. It´s a good material in Miniature world because it has wires in the edges that makes it possible to arrange it the way you want it, and makes it stay there. (..watch the shops right now the selection is huge at christmas time).

I put the fabric spool on a picture from a book called Franske Stemninger (French Moods or Atmosphere I think it would be in english)(Sub title: Jeanne D´Arc Living) and took a picture..and now look what´s on the table in the picture of the picture: My favorite inspiration book, Decorating with Antiques..

I wonder what she will do with the fabric: Make a curtain, pillows, or maybe fancy underwear? Or maybe just pay the spools of ribbons in the shops extra attention?

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