10 December 2009

The Bathtub

Many years ago my father bought this to me, actually it´s a cup for soap and I´m greatfull that he understood that I would percieve it as a bathtub. I placed it in the bathroom of the dollshouse I had when I was in my twenties and years later when I gave it up, I actually used it for soap for some time. Then it was hidden away in the attic for years.
In the picture I´ve placed it on a page in a book that gives me a lot of inspiration when I´m working with (and dreaming about) Miniatures, although it´s not about Miniatures at all. It´s "Decorating with Antiques" by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. There is among a lot of other things some lovely pictures from conservatories, sun rooms or orangeries. This photo shows an old bathtub in such a place.. and my problem is that I will need a Orangerie that is at least twice the size than the one that I have ;-)

Over the years the bathtub has become green of vedigris inside, a patina that I like very much and would like on the outside too. I could make it with acid but it should easily be made with some green oilpaint too. And I will make the stained glass in the frame some day too...


  1. I have the same bathtub, given to me by.... ta daaaa.... your father, way back in teen years :0) I don´t know the book you´re mentioning, but I sure know the picture og the combined bath- conservatory... I used it on my blog: http://livscirkler.blogspot.com/2009/08/drivhusbad.html

  2. ..It´s quite funny. It means that although we haven´t seen eachother much for many ears we have been looking some of the same places.
    Tomorrow I´ll send you a picture, where the book surprisingly shows up again (the frontpage though). If it wasn´t in the book where did you find the picture then?
    I also have to mention that the book has more pictures of the bath-conservatory, if you wanna have a look.

  3. I LOVE that bathtub! How wonderful that you found it, and I can understand how that book must give you a lot of inspiration, the picture looks so interesting.

  4. I thought: This picture rings a bell!! And of course! If you want to see what two friends of mine did with it just follow the links!

    I really appreciate your work! Looking forward for final result.