5 January 2015

Happy new year!

Last year I wrote an article for American Minituarist about rediscovering my interest for miniatures that I lost somehow for about 20 years and found again back in 2009.
Still can´t figure out how I could live without it for so many years.
The article is reprinted in the new issue of Dolls House World.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year with lots of miniatures...


  1. Sometimes you need a break to appreciate why you are doing something. Makes returning sweeter.

  2. It happens. Sometimes you just move onto other things. I do it all the time, for varying lengths of time. Glad you are back though!!

  3. Your right, thanks both of you ;-)

  4. Hi Susanne! I know the feeling well. I left off mini making for 12 years while I devoted myself to my house and garden. I don't consider them lost years at all. But I strongly believe everything happens in its proper time, and Burn Out can often strike when you least expect it.
    Congratulations on the re-publishing of your article. Both magazines are a feather in your mini cap! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your reply, and yes it was a time when I had a lot to do both raising children, looking after our home and making a career. But I really erased any miniature experience form my mind for many years ;-)

  5. I have just read your article wonderful piece :) I am very glad that you found your mini bug again :))
    Hugs Maria

  6. I also had a break of about 17 years and got back into miniatures in about 2011, albeit at this stage only as time permits. I think in the back of my mind I always felt I might get back to it as I had still held a lot of miniature items in storage, unlike items from other interests I have done in the past. Of course an added bonus these days is the internet and blogging which didn't really exist back in the 90s.