20 January 2014

A child and his sheep...

I have always been fascinated by the small decorative sheep with legs like drumsticks. Below are some in 1:1. They always have a small ribbon around their sweet necks and maybe a small silver bell also..
We had some when I was a child and they were used as easter decorations and celebrating spring. Today I´ve learned that they are calle Putz Sheep and orginally was a part of Christmas decorations, and a part of nativity scenes and orginally connected to german immigrants. Putz is German and means to clean or make something neat and nice. I also discovered that putz sheep can be a part of toy sets...and I am not surprised ;-)
So, I had to make such a set and include it in my Vintage Child Collection for Petit Brocante - as well as in my private collection of course which is steadily growing...
First step was to design the box...then I went to the sheep... I was exstatic when I found exactly the size I wanted and started to paint and decorate them and the inside of the box. 
I had to add some hay too... 
And voila!


  1. That sheep is absolutely adorable! I cannot believe you found one so small. I'm glad you included some hay, you don;t want it to go hungry :-)

  2. I love Putz sheep, and your mini is wonderful!

  3. Thanks for your comments. I think these sheep bring back memories to many people. And yes, Veronique, you´we got to treat them well ;-)
    Hugs, Susanne

  4. Å så søte sauer , likte de riktig godt. Esken hadde du fått utrolig antikk. Du imponerer stadig Susanne

  5. How sweet tiny sheep! Love it :)

  6. Hello Susanne,
    That is wonderful. Excellent job. I just love that gift set. the sheep is lovely.
    Big hug,

  7. beautiful idea and work! :)

  8. Hi Susanne! I also love sheep and I love what you have done with this one! He looks very vintage and perfect for the box that you made! The child is lovely too and your painting skills have done justice to them both. Beautifully done and Presented!

  9. Thanks again for your comments, you sweet people!

  10. So cute, I love the little sheep <3 Hugs Eeva

  11. It's so sweet. I love it.

  12. The gift set is so cute and I absolutely love the super tiny sheep! :) Well done

  13. Me encanta!!! En primer lugar la caja es preciosa,pero el niño y sus ovejas son encantadores!!!!!