5 December 2013

Fish faucet

Had a lot of fun making the faucet and taps for a new wash table. 

I love when things seem to develop nearly by themselves 
while I am working.

It actually started with the paint. I love the shiny mother of pearl effect. It just says 
...and it yells for water and sea. 

So I decided to use it on a wash table.
Then the fish came and told me to paint it antique gold.
It wanted to become a faucet.

And a moment later the taps suddenly 
grew out of a box 
filled with bead parts. 

They wanted to sit on each side of the porcelain sink.

I quickly added a lot of matching items in the colors I prefer. 

And then the photografer came by 
and sealed the moment.

But maybe things went too fast?

I forgot to ask the wash table if it would prefer to belong in a beach house,
And if the background and the accents should have been blue?

I might have to give that a try too...


  1. Querida Susanne, te ha quedado precioso! A mi me pasa igual que a ti, cuando hago miniaturas me dejo llevar por lo que me inspire en ese momento. Felicidades

  2. I think that they are all happy ones to be destined to a refined environment. Very beautiful. Nellina

  3. Me encanta es un trabajo maravilloso, una preciosidad.
    Un abrazo.

  4. Wow, what a clever idea. I love the fish faucet!

  5. So beautiful and luxuous Susanne! I like this fish faucet very much!

  6. Every little bit of it is pure genius Susanne! You have created something unique and very very special I love everything about it. Your special style is developing in leaps and bounds xx

  7. Oooh fantastic idea! Hugs Kati

  8. The fish fauchet is an original idea.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. The fish faucet and accessories are GREAT! Keep up the good work.

  10. i wish i could have faucet and taps like that for my basin !!!!