2 January 2013

Gifts from Muriel

Last spring Muriel and I was going to meet each other at the Dukkehusfestival in Farum outside of Copenhagen. I was very exited to meet her and to see her beautiful miniatures in real life, but unfortunately I couldn´t keep my appointment.
So we decided to send each other some gifts instead...
Muriel sent me the bear and the dolls doll a couple of days ago, thank you so much, Muriel, they are perfect! And my gifts are on their way to France too...
They are both perfect for Louises House. Take a look at Muriels beautiful miniatures on her blog:


  1. Those are lovely gifts. I just wrote a blog posts about some lovely presents from blogging friends. I won them in give aways, but I consider both of them friends. I'll go look at your friend's blog.
    Ruth from Canada

  2. Your gifts are very beautiful enjoy your wonderful treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Those dolls are beautiful! I especially love the girl one.

  4. Beautiful gifts! I am always attracted to little dolls but the teddy is also adorable!

  5. Wat een prachtige pop en beer. Ik ben helemaal verliefd op ze.

    Groeten Xandra

  6. Thank for commenting everyone! This spring I am going to do a lot of basic work on my houses, I have so many items to show, I´ve bought and got a lot for presents, just need the right surroundings,
    Love, Susanne

  7. Such sweet gifts! I'm in love with that bear :)

  8. Bonjour Susanne,

    Un grand merci à toi pour ces jolies photos.
    Je suis heureuse que tout cela te plaise

  9. Enhorabuena por tus precioso regalos.
    Esa muñeca se ve preciosa y el osito muy dulce.
    besitos ascension

  10. what beautiful gift!!!! Muriel is very talented, I like her style.... I love your style.... I also think that together, in your Louises House are wonderful!!!

  11. Thank you, I do feel very lucky!

  12. Just found your blog and am so delighted! Your miniatures are absolutely beautiful- I have a dollhouse from my childhood and have been wanting to "redo" it for some time- what an inspiration!

  13. Thank you so much, Christina, you are welcome!

  14. Oh my goodness, they're adorable!!


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