7 December 2011

Pixie party

Being a pagan Annie doesn´t like angels, and I on the other hand am not much of a pixie girl. Too much red I think makes a lot of noise ;-) I thought that Annie might find this little ribbon with funny dancing pixies inspiring - for miniatures, or just for christmas decorations, so this is my gift for Annie today. It´s from the danish compagny Maileg.


  1. How cute!!! I LOVE the tiny pixies on the ribbon. Thanks a lot Susanne :0)
    Pixies (nisser) doesn´t need to be red though ;0) More likely they are green or brown, but not a lot people know that, because pixies jsut show for the ones who believe in and make friends with them.

  2. The ribbon is beautiful. Very cute.
    Hugs Maria

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  4. Well, well, I can comment on my own blog again.
    Annie: I am glad that you like the ribbons. Actually I saw a yellow pixie once, but don´t tell anyone..
    Maria: Thanks for commenting. Annie told me once that she has pixies living in the attic..they might want the ribbons for their dresses ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  5. This tape is really delicious! I would like to have a piece .. Please can you put the link of the shop "danish compagny Maileg"? thank you!
    Merry Christmas!