30 October 2011

Multible christmas choises

I´ve made a lot of christmas tree ornaments this week and decided to have a lot of variants to choose from. The picture above shows warm red and pink colors, but how about a silver-white-frosty-line, golden tones as part of a nature theme, or maybe a multicolored christmas tree?
Take a look on Petit Brocante..


  1. Very nice! I love Christmas tree.
    Bye Faby

  2. Oh, what a cute tree! Love Christmas!

  3. Love all those cute baubles. Cheers! LJ

  4. I love your little Christmas balls and the little bells and angels are unique. I have never seen any in miniature before. Have you noticed that if you click on a pic, the slide comes up. If you click on where it says Show Original, the pic comes up on the left hand side. And, if you click on the pic again, you will get a full screen. This does not work on all blogs depending on their settings, but it works on yours and I was able to take a close up look at your little ornaments.

  5. Thanks for your nice comments! Lucille: Yes it works with my pictures because I make them in a very high resolution.You get all the details by clicking the way you describe, and sometimes frightning perspectives too, because all the things you normally can´t see with the naked eye on such small things suddenly are revealed ;-)