24 August 2011

Plans for the roof top

I am still working on my ideas for the second floor of Petit Brocante. It looks quite boring as it is now, I agree. Nothing much to show. And not that I won´t admit that I am still missing details on the first floor. What about shelves in the windows fx....? Depressing...

Anyway, I´ve decided to reserve the roof top for the vintage things that have to do with garden, outdoor and the like, and add nature things to make the place green and lush. I actually have a lot of stuff waiting, not having taken pictures of that yet...

And then today I´ve ordered this little room to place in the inner corner to make sure that everything is fine in the winther time also..

It will get a lot of age too, of course ;-) Hope to find time for this work soon...


  1. I am sure it will turn out really pretty, Susanne. I am at the stage when I will have to start on new house and I am dreading that ! :)

  2. Je trouve ce vieil escalier et le deuxième étage très beaux. J'aime beaucoup ce qu'est et ce que devient cette boutique.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses Susanne. Judith x

  4. The ideas come, you'll see :-)
    The winter is long enough :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  5. I know for sure, that it Will be fantastic when you finish this project...just like all your work:)


  6. It will look amazing when its done and I think it looks so good right now. Enjoy your project! Weronica

  7. Thank you so much for your comments. I am looking forward to (get the time to) spend the time on the project. Petit Brocante will then have a room on the ground floor, a roof top with a winther garden, and a show room one the side (the orangerie).
    Love, Susanne