4 May 2011

So what did I get at the fair.. (part one ;-)

At the fair, I bought a lot of very neccessary stuff, and got lovely gifts too. To show you all of it will take 2- 3 posts I think, so be patient..
Unforfunately, I really forgot to take pictures of the other stands being a little too selfoccupied, but I have tried to collect som of the things and took some pictures at home. Please also look out for the update of http://www.dukkehusfestival.dk/ , there will be pictures too.

Take a look at this little nightgown or summerdress. My friend Annie from http://www.gypsyboudoir.com/ made it. We had an agreement, that we could chose things from eachother when the fair was closing, and I was lucky, that no one had bought this. I just adore it. Take a look at the back too...

Annie also made the small perfume atomizers and the powder box...

I love the pots, that http://www.minipot.dk/ makes..I bought a selection, they are so fine, tiny and thin, and I am going to use it for lavenders. Lisbeth who makes the pots also visited our stand, and she told us, that she are going to make Madonna figurines too. I can´t wait to see them!

Big news this year was the stand of the german Miniatureglasbläserei, Peter Böhm. He was working on the stand, creating all sorts of glass one could die for. Of course, I had to own some too. Here I have displayed it on a bedtray, that I got from Annie. Unfortunately Peter doesn´t have a website or a blog, not even an E-mail. But you can find his telephone number on the page of the fair.

Then we met the very friendly german couple Gaby and Rolf, who owns http://www.samlerliebe.de/ , they took a lot of pictures of our stand and the two of us, and we promised to write a little bit about us for their newsletter. They also recommended us to have a stand at the big german fair in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the last weekend of may, and I think we will do that next year. Thak you Gaby and Rolf for being so supportive!

Within the next few days, I will tell you more about the things, I bought, and the people we met, so stay tuned ;-)


  1. You have bought beautiful items! Annies nightgown and little powder box are really nice and miniature glas is allways such amazing... Tiny treasures!

  2. Everything you show here is lovely the nightgown is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's incredible! What a beauty! Nightgown chic! I regret that in Ukraine there is no such exhibitions. Thumbnail we have not yet widespread.

  4. Susanne, all the things you acquired at the fair are so fun! I cannot believe the handblown glass! So tiny, lovely, AND handmade! :-)

  5. Always exciting to see what miniaturists can do ;-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. Det ser ut som du har fått kjøpt deg flere 'skatter'
    Kjolen som Annie har laget var bare skjønn .
    Gleder meg til å se hva mere du har kjøpt .

    Klem Janne

  7. What great finds! I love the little dress, too. And those shallow planters. Do you plan on aging the pots:)

    Thank-you for offering to send some sand... I will have more on that in a few days:)

  8. So beautiful. I love the glassware on the tray the most.

  9. Ohh...I recognize your lovely purchases and thank you for the nice words about my stuff :0) We just had such a great fair together... I´ll try to make some photos of my own purchases today and post on my blog...

  10. Skjønner godt du valgte den kjolen, den er nydelig. Og mange andre flotte ting fikk du også tak i. Gleder meg til å se mer.

  11. Wonderful miniatures!

  12. Thank you for your comments, I am going to make part two soon ;-)
    Love, Susanne