23 April 2011


Still enjoying my time off from work making miniatures in the sun. Today I have been making antique mirrors of all kinds from the smallest mirror suitable for a ladys handbag, to these larger ones ment to hang on a wall. I´ll only show you the last ones this time, they will be listed on Petit Brocante later tonight and they will all be sold at the Farum Dukkehusfestival next weekend.
I think they will look good with these pillows, I made for the same occasion. The picture is a little blurry though.

And I will definately work with this mirror issue in the time to come. So many possibilities..not a lot of time, but a lot of ideas ;-)


  1. How beautifull mirrors you have done! And pillows too!
    Joyfull Easter!

  2. The mirrors are absolutely desireable. Stunningly patinated :0) The fair is soon, looking so much forward to next weekend...

  3. The mirrors look fantastic and the pillows are nice too!

  4. I swear you just made my mirror :):). Maybe my frame is different but I have a mirror that can no longer show my face :):). I use it in the morning when I prepare for work :).

    Great job, Susanne!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments!
    Annie: I can´t wait, and yet I don´t have enough time to get finished..
    Sans: Hihi, I might use that mirror too to help me forget the signs of my own age ;-0))
    Love, Susanne

  6. Tantos trabajos y todos tan bellos Susana, soy gran admiradora tuya, un beso y gracias por tanta belleza.