23 December 2010

What is an almond gift, and what about Annie?

Well, it is quite a long story..

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24. of december, by eating the christmas meal, singing the carols, and giving each other presents. In my familly (as in many other danish families) we have roasted duck for the main course with potatoes, "brown potatoes", which is caramelized potatoes, pickled red cabbage, and a lovely sauce with red wine and cream. Does that sound odd ? ;-)

The traditional dessert for most danish pople actually has a french name, "Riz a la mande" (" Risalamande" or Rice with almonds). You boil some pudding rice with vanilla corns, vanilla stick and milk, and allow it to cool down and get tasty over night in the fridge. Then you add sugar, almond flakes and whipped cream, and it is nearly ready to serve. Did I mention that we eat a hot cherry sauce for that dessert? Does that sound odd too?

So whats that about the almond gift?
You also have to remember one more thing: The Almond! You have to hide it very secretly in the jar with the Riz a la mande, so that no one will know where it is. On Christmas Eve the person, who finds this single almond, will get the almond gift of course ;-) It could be anything, actually, in recent times it was very popular to make a small pig of marzipan, now a days iy is often a game to make the waiting time for the presents bearable.

So what about Annie and the advent calendar?
I made a small almond gift for Annie, inspired of the good old days. It´s not made of marzipan, but I have given it a golden look, ready to be a part of your christmas decorations collection. For christmas it will be nicely wrapped.

Wish you all a merry Christmas!


  1. Ohh Wow Susanne Thank you! I love the pig, and maybe you don´t know but the pig is a heathen symbol used at yuletime. We give marzipan pigs, a lot of people eat pig for the christmas meal. And asatru people decorate for yule with pigs around the house.

    The fertility god Frej (brother of Freja) had a golden pig named "gyldenbørste" (golden brush because of it had golden hairs) that he could ride. The pig could fly through night and day and wherever it went there would be bright light because of the golden hairs.

    So a golden pig will have a special place in my miniature yule decorations :0)

  2. Susanne, your post was very interesting. Thanks for sharing how you spend Christmas..x

  3. Your exchange of gifts is so imaginitive!

    And your description of your dinner on 24 Dec is so delicious - I want to come and join you - but my broom has no landing gear for snow :(

  4. What a great story!! We know ricepudding too but not with almonds. In our family we like the pudding with some cinnamon ; )) I'll make it the danish way next time.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your Christmas Danish traditions. I would love to eat such a meal, I'm sure I would love the taste.
    Merry Christmas Susan!

  6. Your story about Danisch Christmas food are lovely Susanne, mmmmm, it seems wonderful...
    Very Happy Christmas Susanne.


  7. What a nice tradition! And I love your gift for Annie. Merry Christmas,

  8. Susanne,
    I spent a Christmas with my Danish friends one year and I love the Danish Christmas meal...the brown potatoes are to die for!
    I have a Danish Cookery book so I am able to make them!
    I also adore the Riz with cherry sauce.
    Happy Christmas.

  9. It all sounds so delicious. I had never heard of your Danish traditions. Have a lovely 24th in your house, at last. Those potatoes are something I would like, for sure!

  10. Hello Susanne! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
    hugs, Caterina

  11. What a lovely interesting blog entry! Christmas in Denmark sounds very festive and fun. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Carol :) x

  12. What a nice and very interesting blog.....
    I love ricepudding (with a little bit cinnamon and vanilla-sauce)but with warm cherrysuace sounds great too...i'm gone try it;-)

    Wish you and your family an very good and healthy New Year!

    Marleen xxx

  13. I love the story. Being a french girl who grew up in Germany and now lives in the U.S. I have to mix all the traditions. Now that makes for a fun Christmas. Marzipan is so good. I'm so glad we can now find it here in America. It wasn't that long ago that you had to find a specialty German store to get some. Your little pig is precious! Happy New Year!


  14. dear Susanne, many wishes for a happy new year!
    kisses, Caterina