19 December 2010

On the 19th day of christmas..

I made a small tray for Annie as a christmas calender gift, with a lot of patina in warm antique golden tones and vertigree. Annie got the other items in the picture in the calender earlier. They will all be listed on Petit Brocante..


  1. Ohh Thanks Susanne... When I saw it on the shop, I wished it was todays surprice :O) It´s beautiful and perfect with the bottles. Have to admit that I admire your patina, think it´s better than mine :0(

  2. Es una belleza!!y los frascos de cristal son muy apropiados, le quedan como anillo al dedo. Enhorabuena!! Te deseo muy feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo!! Un beso.

  3. Thanks Annie, I am glad you wished for it. Yours are just a different patina. For this I´ve used grey, brown, light green acrylics and a gold marker.
    Estefania, thanks you so much, and I wish you a merry christmas and a wonderful new year with lots of miniatures ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  4. works really fantasico, and happy Christmas and new year from carmona

  5. Absolutely wonderful, I love your work !