13 December 2010

On 13th of december, a crown..

I made a small ornamental crown for Annie for the christmas calender to day with the sparkling effect, I tried to achieve earlier. It will also very soon be listed for sale on Petit  Brocante with different patinas....
Please klick the photos to get  more details!


  1. It´s pretty Susanne!! It goes beautiful with the christmas tree, thank you :0)

  2. It looks like a crown used by the king of Siam :). Very pretty.

  3. I admire you so much Suzanne for how you have kept on with your blogging and making miniatures through all the upheaval that you've been forced to live through because of what's going on with your house. You certainly have a lot of courage. I'll be so happy for you when you finally get settled once again in your home.

  4. Thank you!
    Sans, how did you know ;-)
    Lucille, your comment brings a little tear to my eye. I is a very "heavy" time for me (and my family), and it is so fantastic to realize that there are people "outside" thinking of me. I think that my miniature work is a way to survive. It brings creativity and joy into my everyday life, and I have been insisting on keeping it, although it is a little bit difficult to bring the stuff along every time, we have been moving. Much of my time is about work, and working with miniatures brings moments of self-forgetfulness which is healing and relaxing.
    Love, Susanne