16 November 2010

White shabby christmas

Just a single picture. I made a little tableau with a couple of wreaths made from common juniper, they smell lovely. The small silver Madonna is a gift from Birthe from Miniseum.


  1. Once again a very pretty tableau from you. It's lovely (even though it's very christian) ;0)

  2. Da er det bare å vente på julen.....
    Alltid like lekkert det du lager.


  3. ..Tak til jer begge!
    KH Susanne

  4. So beautiful, your presentation

    groetjes Ingrid

  5. One of the best thing I love coming here for are your little tableau. :):)

    This one immediately evokes a sense of traditional elegance. Perhaps a corner in your brocante?

  6. What a lovely arrangement, looks so goood! Wish I could smell it to...

  7. Oh Susan, I love this your Christmas inspiration ...
    I would like to build a house just to accommodate all of your creations :-)

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, all those mini's you make them like the rundairs? or you buy them?

  9. Thanks again!
    Gonda:I am not sure what the word rundairs means, I don´t have a decent dictionary here, Im sorry. But I´ll try to answer your question anyway. My miniatures are made from many things..some parts I buy (beads fx), some parts I cut out, some parts are left overs-recyckling parts, some parts I print, some parts I make from the ground. But I think, I allways find my own expression, and I never have somethings in my hand without changing it or thinking about its possibilities. I also like to find small things, that people won´t expect to be miniatures, and to change them into my style and the 1:12 world. Hope thats an answer to your question.
    Love, Susanne