13 November 2010

I´ll be home for christmas..

I´t now seems that we will get home to our own house some time in the week before christmas. Can´t wait to get my life back...
Today I posted some pictures of new christmas items in Petit Brocante. They will be listed for sale within a few days.
If you want to have a chance to win a box with antique christmas stuff, you can join my giveaway by clicking the "I like" button on Petit Brocante to follow the shop on Facebook. I will make the draw on december 10th.


  1. Ooh Susanne, I love your Christmas little things very much...
    Have you paint the rendier(Dutch)/deerhunter (good English???)


  2. Thanks Heleni
    Yes its only platic figures that has been painted ;-) You see a lot of them in the 1:1 shops right now, at least here in DK. In DK the word is rensdyr, very similar..
    Love, Susanne

  3. Oh Susanne ... Although I consider really adorable the new items!
    I'm just thinking about how to set up the Christmas tree in the Victorian home ...
    I am happy that the holiday season will bring back to your house :-) I guess all these hardships, but I see you've been able to cope with the logistical difficulties in a very constructive!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. adorable.. i hope the move back to your home goes smoothly.. xmas will be a joy for you!!!

  5. Such a pity it is on facebook! ;) Keep my fingers crossed for your return home before Christmas!:)

  6. ¡¡Gracias Susanne!! Me alegra muchísimo que te guste la muñeca!! Tus últimas creaciones también son fantásticas!! Un besazo enorme!!

  7. Good news! You will enjoy Christmas even more being in your house. Always new beautiful miniatures.

  8. Very nice to see this for Christmas, all the things you make are just lovely and nice to see.

  9. Como todo, pero todo es hermoso !! Ahora voy a visitar tu otro blog ( ;
    Un abrazo