13 October 2010

Swap with Caterina

Look at these treasures, I recieved in the mail to day from Caterina. She promised me a few books but made so much more than that! Look at this Photo album, she actually used the pictures from our holiday in Italy (we were spending some virtual time together as a part of her holiday swap ;-), she made them miniature and made a perfect book for it!

On the above picture my husband and son were looking for Caterina, while I was buying a straw hat and bag for her.
A big surprise for me in the packet was wellknown books with danish titles! It´s funny to imagine, that an italian woman has been googling danish books just for me..

Very nice books for my selection. And now take a look at these treaures..

Isnt it amazing! Caterina added some souvenirs from the italian kitchen too..

Of course there were pasta, real pasta!
Thank you so much Caterina, you are so kind and very talented! I appreciate your friendship very much.


  1. ah ah! and I also appreciate very much, your work rusty!
    Tomorrow I put the photos of your minis, on my blog!
    thank you traded with me, I'm happy to see that you're happy!
    Careful! in the case of cocoa, cocoa is true!
    In addition, if you shake the bag of the "m & m", you sense there is something inside ...
    Finally, I hope that green is your favorite color ...
    Enjoy! a big hugh!!

  2. Its fantastic Caterina..what did you make the spaghetti of..its so realistic!

  3. hee hee! this is a little secret ...
    I write you a mail, but I recommend .. water in your mouth!
    good night!

  4. It must be so nice to receive such beautiful gifts. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for all of them. Enjoy! =)

  5. Wow! These items are wonderful - the books are amazing - great job, Caterina and lucky you, Susanne!

  6. Caterina is really so good. I wish she lived closer.

  7. Caterina is fantastic person and her miniatures are so good!
    The gifts that you have received are wonderful!

  8. Oh wow...what a fantastic gift! The personalized photoalbum,the books and everything is all so precious... You are a lucky woman Susanne :0)

  9. What wonderful little gifts to receive and how clever of Cockerina to create the photo album.

  10. Wow, they are all beautiful miniatures! The album is really unique and so special.

  11. Fabulous things from Caterina!! :) I especially love the little photo album, so personal with your own holiday photos, and so lovely with the lace on the cover. (I'm going to copy that idea - I hope Caterina doesn't mind!!)

  12. Both yours and Caterina's swaps are wonderful, Susanne :).

  13. Que regalos mas lindos!!! Felicidades Susanne!!
    Un besito ♥

  14. Las manos y la cabeza de Caterina no paran. Estos regalos demuestran su buen trabajo y su buen corazón.
    Besos Clara

  15. I love the Caterina´s work ! Congratulations for these wonderful miniatures .