17 October 2010

Preopening Petit Brocante

Now my new shop is ready to open, so welcome to Petit Brocante! All of you followers of Miniature Dreams are invited to pre-visit the shop on http://petitbrocante.blogspot.com/ - please come inside..and have a champagne toast with me ;-)
In a few days, the adress will be changed to http://www.petitbrocante.dk/ - but will still include it´s own blog. I´ll let you know.


  1. It's really lovely Suzanne. I didn't realise you were opening a "shop" I just thought it was another project - silly me! Off for another browse now.

  2. Congratulations Susanne!! How wonderful!!!
    You have a new follower :)
    By the way if you want I am hosting two giveaways in my blogs!

  3. Maravillosas miniaturas.
    Mucha suerte.
    besitos ascension

  4. Congratulations Susanne!!! Everything looks great! I want to go shopping right now! ;-)

  5. Emhorabuena y mucha suerte con tus ventas! la página está genial! Un beso.

  6. So as Irene said, I also didn't realize you were opening a real shop. That must be that I'm new here in blogland... anyway... sooooo I will go shopping!!!

  7. Espero que tenga muchísimo éxito en su nueva andadura y que nosotros sigamos disfrutando de la visión de sus trabajos.
    un abrazo

    I hope you have great success in his new endeavors and we continue to enjoy the vision of their work.
    a hug

  8. I definitely think you are onto a good thing, Susanne! Please don't forget to post here when you have set up the new blog cos I definitely want to follow it.

    Let me tell you you have done a really good job with the blog on the brocante.I love the extra large pics and the different categories with easy navigation. I am thrilled for you and I think seriously that you will have a huge following.

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I can tell you, I´m having great fun, and I allready have several orders. I wont forget this blog though, and I still love being here, talking to you and seeing all your new stuff and ideas.
    Love, Susanne

  10. Although a few days late, I join the others in you best wishes and congratulations for your wonderful store: your beautiful miniaure thus appear closer :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora