20 October 2010

A crown and more frames

I have enjoyed making some small things in the past few days having some days off from work. I like to make the evenings longer and not be forced to go to bed early. I treasure the dark and the quietness. Yesterday I found some trimmings and beads in a new shop, I visited, and it inspired me to make this little tableau. I like the combination of thw colors zink-grey, vertigree and powder. The frames are ment to hand on a hook somewhere, on a cupboard, a doorknob..or..?
The antique french crown, and the frames of wire will be added to my webshop Petit Brocante.


  1. The frames are brilliant and the crown also... I love that rustic sense. And I love your way to zinc better than my own ;0)

  2. You know, these new things make me think of a dusty attic in which a child finds the trunk of her grandmother, with her memories of childhood in...

  3. ..Annie and Flora.. I aim to get the feeling, you describe, so thanks! I hope to make more of the like..
    Love, Susanne

  4. Susanne otra vez lo has conseguido. Estos objetos están muy originales y muy bien hechos.
    Besos Clara