27 October 2010

Gifts from Ana Maria!

Look what I have got in the mail today! I am so lucky to get these beautiful goods from Ana Maria in Portugal. In the spring, I won this fantastic painting in a giveaway from Ana Maria, but unfortunately she was so unlucky to break her ancle very severely. She had a hard recovery and it still hasn´t ended, she still needs operations in her food. I feel so sorry for you, Ana Maria, and I am so greatful that you felt able to send the gift for me anyway, and so surprised and happy that you included extra gifts. Thank you, Ana Maria, so sweet of you and I´ll hope you´ll recover soon!!

As you can see Ana Maria also included a lot of small presents and materials to work with in just the shades of colors, I prefer. I think the small doiley is made of orchis, as we call it in danish, I am not really sure of the english word. But it is an old technique for making laces, that most people have forgot nowadays. My grandmother used to do that way back in the 1960 ties, and I wish I could still learn from her. Or is it just very small chocheting?
As for the ribbons, I can already see hats, baskets and bags...and I can´t wait to paint the small figures for a christmas crib...I am not sure, I will not use it in another way though..gosh..lots of possibilities...

Thanks again, Ana Maria, I will get back to you! Please visit her blog and web.

Love, Susanne


  1. Hello! I've been reading your blog for a long time. You and Annie are so very talented. You must have had such fun when you were girls together! What treasures you have just received! The painting is beautiful. And the nativity scene figurines are so lovely!


  2. The painting is really beautiful and made even more precious by the unfortunate events of Ana ... it's nice to realize that our friends around the world think of us even in times less bright, which helps everyone feel better, is a powerful stimulus to the joy :-)
    All other small gifts are an example of this!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. Thank you so much for your nice words, I was happy to send you these small gifts. Thank you also for your concern about my problem, a few more months and I hope to be in good form.

    I´m glad you appreciated the little lace which I know was hand made years ago.

    As to the other gifts I´m sure you will use them in your beautiful creations, thank you also Susanne,


  4. Thanks for commenting!
    Lucille: Annie and I are still behaving like girls when we are together, allthough we drink a little more champagne and red wine nowadays ;-)
    Ana: I am glad to hear, you are getting better.
    Flora: Miniatureblogworld is amazing!
    Love, Susanne

  5. Oh how wonderful and how lucky you are. :) Her work is so beautiful...

  6. I have caught up with all your posts, Susanne and you have been such a busy lady :). I notice many of my blog friends producing a lot more once their etsy or shop is set up. That is a very good thing because the creativity is also more effusive.

    Ana's art is out of this world. Such a treasure.