22 October 2010

Am I too early?

Couldn´t help myself. I had to try to make a few christmas items in the Brocante Style. It can be dressed up and down according to how much christmas-like you want it ;-0)
I made the top star in shabby white and silver glitter too..and the boxes for the candle sticks will get different christmas labels. I´ll have to make a box for the top star as well..
The items are listed on my other blog, hope you like to follow that too.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. For Christmas is never too early!
    Too beautiful all the decorations :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. No, not at all early! Love the x-mas star!

  3. A bit early to me, but you have to be early as a shopkeeper. As I wrote on Facebook, your candleholders and star are so lovely, though as a pagan I don't use a top-star ;0)

  4. Hi Susanne, the Christmas decoration is beautiful! But for me it is a bit early.
    I start thinking about Christmas after 5 December (St Nicolaas, don´t know if it can be translated).

    By the way it must be cold searching for little shells nowadays ;-)

  5. Never,I like Christmas and will celebrate Christmas all year. Hihi ;-)

    Nice decoration!!

  6. Thanks for your comments and different opinions ;-0)
    Lara: The search must go on ;-0)
    Love, Susanne

  7. Hi Susanne! I, too, think it is never too early for Christmas! Your little wire candle holders are gorgeous! I love to make ornaments in my 1:1 life, but have not yet made them in minis! Thanks for getting us started... although over here we are still in the Halloween mode!

  8. Your candle holders are beautiful!
    X-mas star is very pretty too even though I use a little bird on the top of the tree:D
    And NO, it is not too early to start!

  9. Too early ? Never!
    In Germany there are cinnamonstars and filled up chocolatehearts in the shops since August!!!
    Your creation is very lovely.

  10. Por aquí recién comienzan los comercios a llenar los estantes de adornos navideños.
    su estrella me gusto mucho.
    un abrazo

    For businesses just starting here to fill the shelves of Christmas decorations.
    I really liked his star.
    a hug

  11. Very beautiful decorations!Not early...xstmas is all the year!:-))
    On next monday I'll send you a little pack...please let me know when it will arrive!
    Kisses xxxx

  12. Thank you for your comments!
    Sonya, I will have something ready for you soon too.
    Love, Susanne

  13. It's gorgeous and I love the star.

  14. Susanne of course it is not too early to start with Christmas decorations, time runs so fast, and yours are very lovely,

  15. Nunca es demasiado pronto para preparar la siguiente temporada.
    Te han quedado muy lindos
    Besitos, May

  16. Thank you for your comments about my jewelry and gloves. :) The gloves are very hard to make, I sometimnes have to cut several before I get two with the fingers right and looking like a pair! But I like them so much when they're finished. :)
    Your Christmas items are so pretty, I like your style very much.